Controlled Substance Monitoring Database Program



In accordance with the Controlled Substance Monitoring Act of 2002, the Tennessee Department of Health established a database to monitor the dispensing of Schedule II, III, IV & V controlled substances. Data collection began for all dispensers on December 1, 2006. The Prescription Safety Act of 2012 enhances the monitoring capabilities of the database.  The Board of Pharmacy and the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database (CSMD) Committee establish, administer, maintain and direct the functioning of the database in accordance with these statutes.

Dispensers are required to upload all controlled substance prescriptions daily. Tenn. Code Ann. §53-10-305. Beginning 1/1/2016 Tennessee Code Annotated Section 53-1 0-305(b)(2) requires a controlled substance prescription upload "each business day but no later than the close of business on the following business day; provided, that a veterinarian shall submit information at least once every seven (7) days and shall not be required to use a computerized system in order to submit required information pursuant to this section."  Appriss currently is the contracted vendor to assist all state of Tennessee dispensers in the upload and inclusion of their prescriptions into the CSMD database.

For dispensers, information on uploading prescription data may be obtained from Appriss at 866-683-9771. Our data collection manual may be viewed and printed by clicking here.  You may also email Appriss for assistance with uploading data at  The website for data collection is

For healthcare providers seeking to query a patient’s prescription history, registering to become a user on the CSMD website may be accomplished by navigating to and click on "Register” and provide all required information.  The email address provided should be personal and confidential.  Once approved, the new user will receive an email with their login credentials for the database.