Commissioner Rebecca R. Hunter Appointed To 2014 TNCPE Board Of Examiners

Friday, July 11, 2014 | 9:31am

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Rebecca R. Hunter, Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Human Resources, has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence (TNCPE) to the 2014 Board of Examiners. Each year, the TNCPE award program recognizes local, regional, and statewide organizations that demonstrate excellence in business operations and results.

As an examiner, Hunter is responsible for reviewing and evaluating organizations that apply for the TNCPE Award. The Board of Examiners comprises experts from all sectors of the regional economy, including health care, service, nonprofit, manufacturing, education and government. All members of the Board of Examiners must complete extensive training in the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. Examiners take the skills and expertise developed during training and the assessment process back to their own jobs, benefiting and improving their own organizations in the process.

Each year, the TNCPE Board of Examiners contributes more than 10,000 hours of volunteer service to organizations across Tennessee.

Established in 1993 as a public-private partnership, the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence strives to promote economic development and drive organizational excellence by helping companies and organizations grow more competitive in today’s global marketplace through affordable, in-depth assessments. A statewide nonprofit, TNCPE is grounded in the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence—a holistic framework used by organizations across multiple industries to improve their performance and achieve sustainable results. Nearly 1,300 organizations have participated in and benefited from the TNCPE program. Four Tennessee businesses—Caterpillar Financial Services, Pal’s Sudden Service, Eastman Chemical Company, and Federal Express—have been honored with the prestigious Baldrige National Quality Award and the TNCPE Excellence Award. For more information, visit