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Benefit Audit

Benefit Payment Control
The Benefit Payment Control unit is responsible for the prevention and detection of unemployment benefit overpayments. The unit includes central office staff as well as twelve Benefit Auditors located in eight offices throughout the state. These auditors are responsible for conducting hearings on possible overpayments, investigating tips and leads on possible unemployment insurance fraud, and the collection of overpaid benefits.
The central office unit of Benefit Payment Control is located in Nashville Tennessee.
P.O. Box 24150
Nashville, Tennessee 37202-4150
Phone - - 615-741-2606
Fax - - 615-741-3469
Benefit Crossmatch Audit
Your employer is required to report all wages paid to you. The Department has a program which crossmatches wages reported by employers against earnings reported by claimants drawing unemployment benefits.
About Benefit Crossmatch Audit
Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits
If for some reason a decision is made that you were not entitled to either some of all of the benefits you received during your claim series, an overpayment will be established and you will be required to make repayment.
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Claimant Bankruptcy
The central office unit of Benefit Payment Control is responsible for the management of claimant bankruptcies. If you have an overpayment of unemployment benefits or are drawing unemployment benefits and you file bankruptcy,

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Reporting Fraud     
If you know of or suspect someone of fraudulently drawing unemployment benefits you may report such cases by phone, fax, or email. Reports can be anonymous, and all allegations are investigated.
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