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Memphis Mental Health Institute

Photo of Memphis Mental Health Institute951 Court Avenue • Memphis, Tennessee 38103
Phone: 901-577-1800 • Fax: 901-577-1434
To request medical records Fax: 901-527-1323

An Accredited Psychiatric Facility

Serving Shelby County
TDMH Planning Region VII

Phil Bredesen

Virginia Trotter Betts
Commissioner, Department of Mental Health and Development Disabilities

Dr. Jeanne West-Freeman, L.C.S.W., Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Memphis Mental Health Institute is one of five state psychiatric hospitals in Tennessee and serves the Memphis community. MMHI admits almost exclusively patients who cannot be admitted to area private hospitals. The patients often have chronic mental illnesses and many have histories of multiple hospitalizations. Most of the patients are referred on an involuntary basis because of an acute episode which pose a danger to themselves or others. Some are referred from the court for a pre-trial evaluation.

No denial in the delivery of patient care or services shall occur with any patient admitted to MMHI due to his or her ability or inability to pay for treatment. Medicare and TennCare patients will be shown the same quality of care rendered as patients with third-party reimbursement resources.

MMHI provides individualized treatment planning along with a psychosocial rehabilitation program where patients receive care based on their specific needs and a program to assist them in acquiring new skills for a better transition back into the community.

Individualized patient care is provided by a myriad of professionals. Treatment teams consist of a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a registered nurse, a social worker, a recreational therapist, a treatment plan facilitator, a psychiatric technician, and an internist and/or a family nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Psychiatric clinical nurse specialists are also included in the mix. Each member of the treatment team is involved in the psychosocial rehabilitation of the patients. The PSR program is designed to meet the needs of patients through group and individual sessions.

MMHI's relationship and affiliation with the University of Tennessee’s Health Sciences Center in Memphis has continued to grow over the years. Some of MMHI's attending Psychiatrists are on faculty at UT Memphis in the Department of Psychiatry and are directly involved in the training and clinical practice of psychiatry residents and medical students. This relationship provides a unique and stimulating environment of learning enhancing professional and academic growth.

MMHI has many other community partnerships that have thrived over the years. Some of these partnerships, in addition to The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, include The Regional Medical Center (The Med), The Memphis Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and various colleges and universities that provide students for clinical rotations in mental health. MMHI is conveniently located in the heart of the Medical District.

Public Notice: Any concerns regarding patient care and safety at Memphis Mental Health Institute should first be directed to the Chief Executive Officer at (901) 577-1801. If concerns cannot be resolved through the MMHI management, please contact TDMH by either calling 1-800-560-5767 or by e-mailing If concerns are not adequately resolved by either MMHI management or TDMH, the public may contact the Joint Commission to report any concerns or register complaints by calling 1-800-994-6610, emailing, or accessing the Joint Commission's web site at

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