Professional Privilege Tax Due Date Extended to June 30; More Information Here.

File and Pay

Note:  the professional privilege tax due date is extended to June 30.  The Department is experiencing high call volume and an increased number of help desk tickets at this time.  To accommodate taxpayers, the Department is extending the due date of the professional privilege tax.  The Department is committed to assisting taxpayers as quickly as possible.

International taxpayers may make tax payments to the Department through the ACH Credit option. For more information on how to submit an ACH Credit payment properly, please review our Electronic Funds Transfer Guide.

All professional privilege tax returns must be filed electronically.

The professional privilege tax can be filed and paid on the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP), without creating a TNTAP logon.  For more information, view the video below.   

File on TNTAP  >

If you are an office or firm and will be submitting a bulk file format for multiple employees in your office, please view the documents below:

To view frequently asked questions about this tax, please click here.