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About Electronic Payments

For Individuals and Most Small Businesses

If you are an individual or small business, you can choose from the methods below when you file and pay your taxes using the Department of Revenue's website:

Electronic Bank Payment

Electronic bank payments are easy to do: all that is required to create an electronic bank payment is the information on the front of your paper check. Because you, the account holder, establish the amount and initiate the transaction, electronic bank payments are more secure than paper checks. They also do not require processing fees. A taxpayer creates an electronic bank payment by inputting the following information:

  • Routing number
  • Account number
  • Payment Amount

Example of a blank check

Click here to learn more about the security of electronic bank payments.

Electronic bank payments are even more secure than paper checks because the Department stores the banking information from the electronic payment for a much shorter amount of time. If a payment is made by paper check, the Department's systems read the information on the check, and then an electronic image of the check, which has the bank account number and other information, is stored for several years, as required by law.

For electronic bank payments, however, bank account information is stored for a much shorter period of time, if at all. For businesses who file monthly and quarterly sales tax returns, the Department keeps bank information on file only until the next tax return is filed, as a courtesy to the taxpayer. For everyone else, the bank account information is deleted right after the Department processes the one-time payment. The Department also uses sophisticated computer software to protect taxpayers' information when they make an electronic bank payment.

Credit Card

The Department of Revenue currently accepts MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover. A 2.49% service fee will be added to your payment.

For Larger Taxpayers

Larger taxpayers may also use electronic bank payments or credits cards to make their payments online. Taxpayers who filed returns using an approved software vendor rather than one of Revenue's online filing programs may use one of the programs below to submit payments. These programs are often used by taxpayers who need to file multiple returns or who have several business locations.

ACH Debit Program Enrollment (using a third-party vendor)

Under this option, the taxpayer authorizes the state to electronically transfer tax payments from the taxpayer's bank account. The taxpayer must enroll for this service through Global Payment Systems. Click here for additional instructions.

ACH Credit

With ACH credit, the taxpayer initiates tax payments through the taxpayer's bank. The bank then electronically transmits the tax payment to the Department of Revenue. This process requires a taxpayer to submit an enrollment form to the Department. Click here for additional instructions. Click here to download the Electronic Funds Transfer ACH Credt Enrollment Form.