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Collection summaries are updated monthly and posted at this site in report and spreadsheet form. Other collections data can also be found here. For assistance, please contact the Research Division at (615) 741-2446.

Beginning with revenue collections for June 2013, the Monthly Revenue Collections report will use an updated layout. Specifically, on the Comparative Statement of Collected Revenues pages, Franchise Tax collections and Excise Tax collections are combined into a single category. On the Summary of Collections pages, the total Franchise and Excise collections are reported in three categories: Franchise Tax collections, Excise Tax collections, and F&E Estimated Payments. In previous Monthly Revenue Collections reports, F&E Estimated Payments were split with thirty-five percent (35%) reported as Franchise Tax collections and sixty-five percent (65%) reported as Excise Tax collections. Please see the Notes and Adjustments for User for additional information regarding Franchise Tax and Excise Tax collections.

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