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Franchise & Excise Taxes

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    The Department has an automated program for final franchise and excise tax returns. Once the return is posted, the automated program does certain checks on it to determine if the entity meets the requirements of an office audit. If the entity does not meet the criteria for an office audit, the automated program checks to see if all tax returns have been filed and taxes remitted. If the entity passes these checks, a tax clearance for termination/withdrawal is automatically issued and mailed to the taxpayer. If the entity fails one of these checks, a denial for termination/withdrawal is issued and mailed to the taxpayer. If you have questions about a denial letter, please contact the Franchise and Excise Registration Unit at (615) 741-8999.

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Taxes at a Glance

Franchise and excise taxes are privilege taxes imposed on each corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company and business trust chartered/organized in Tennessee or doing business in this state.

Due Dates:

Annual - 15th day of the 4th month following the close of your books and records.
Quarterly estimated payments - 15th day of the fourth, sixth, and ninth months of the current tax year and the 15th day of the first month of the next succeeding tax year.
Extension - 6-month extension upon request

Tax Rates:

Franchise tax - .25% of the greater of net worth or real and tangible property in Tennessee. The minimum tax is $100.
Excise tax - 6.5% of Tennessee taxable income

For more information, please call:
Statewide toll-free: (800) 397-8395.
Nashville-area and out-of-state: (615) 253-0700

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