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Trooper Cadet Employment Packet

If you have received notification to interview for the Trooper Cadet Class, congratulations! Please do the following:

  • Download the Trooper Cadet Employment Packet.
  • Bring the completed Trooper Cadet Employment Packet to your physical agility test appointment.
  • Physical agility test and interview location is: 283 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN. Text directions are within the Trooper Cadet Employment Packet link for your reference.
  • You must report for your agility appointment date and time located in your letter to be considered. There will not be any reschedules or make-up agility tests or interviews.
  • If you successfully pass the agility test, you will be given notification of your interview appointment time, which will be conducted on the same day and location as the agility test.

If you received an email/letter to report for the agility test, but you are not interested or cannot attend the agility/interview process at this time, please notify the Human Resources office at or 615-251-5200.

NOTE: Please be patient when attempting to download the Trooper Cadet Employment Packet. It is a very large pdf file and many users are attempting to download at the same time. If you receive an error message, please hit the Back arrow and attempt again. It is also best to right-click on the link and open.