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Driver Services
  1. There are many websites claiming to offer driver license renewals. Be aware, that these websites are not affiliated with the State of Tennessee. The only way for you to renew a driver’s license online is to visit the Department of Safety and Homeland Security website at
Tennessee Highway Patrol

Tips to come!

Homeland Security

Tips to come!

Commissioner's Videos

  • 2016
  • Commissioner Purkey's I-40 Challenge
    Operation Grizzly Bear
    Commissioner Gibbon's Farewell
    GHSO Joins Department of Safety & Homeland Security
    Commissioner Gibbons Safety Segment
    Commissioner's Report on Domestic Violence

Driver Services Videos

  • 2016
  • Partnership of Clarksville and Department of Safety & Homeland Security
    Join the Line

Tennessee Highway Patrol Videos

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • THP Class 716
    Operation Grizzly Bear
    Memphis Call to Action
    Knoxville Call to Action
    26th Annual MVCI/DIAP/EPIC Criminal Patrol Conference
    Chattanooga Call to Action
    Nashville Call to Action
    Tennessee State Trooper Removes Soldier from Burning Vehicle
    Senior Honored by THP
  • If you are pulled over, what to expect.
    Buckle Up!

Homeland Security Videos

  • 2016
  • Active Shooter Prep
    Observing and Reporting Suspicious Activity

Handgun Videos

  • 2016
  • Be SMART