Bomb Threat Notification

State Office Procedure

The Tennessee Homeland Security Council has decided the following steps are to be taken should a state employee receive a bomb threat via telephone or discover a suspected bomb.

Any employee receiving a bomb threat or discovering a suspected bomb, will immediately notify their supervisor and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) at 615-741-0001 or 1-800-262-3300, as directed by the previously issued orange-colored bomb threat questionnaire.

TEMA, in turn, will contact the Facility Manager of the State building or the
Commissioner/ Director responsible for state offices within the leased building being threatened. In the event the Facility Manager is not present, the most senior employee will make the evacuation decision.

The Facility Manager will then contact appropriate law enforcement agencies and decide whether the threatened building should be evacuated.

If evacuation is necessary, the Facility Manager (Commissioner/ Director of the leased building) will give the evacuation alert, coordinate the evacuation, and offer any needed assistance to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) or local law enforcement agencies in searching and clearing the threatened building.