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  • News TDOC Responds to TSEA Concerns

    During the hearing before the Corrections Subcommittee of the Senate State and Local Government Committee, TSEA called several of the Department’s practices into question.  While we respect Mr. Stamps and the TSEA, we must continue to set the record straight to prevent any miscommunication about TDOC policies, procedures and statistics.

  • News State Fire Marshal’s Office: Keep Children Away From Novelty Lighters

    While Tennessee banned the sale of novelty lighters in 2008, these items still represent a potential threat to Tennessee lives and property. Between 2010 and 2014, Tennessee fire departments reported 398 fires in which fire involving play with matches or lighters was a contributing factor were reported, according to the Tennessee Fire Incident Reporting System. Fires resulting from playing with matches or lighters caused three civilian deaths, 18 civilian injuries, two firefighter injuries and nearly $4 million in property damage during that time. Nearly half those fires were structure fires.