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Charitable Fundraising Reports Updated
(Published: April 27, 2015)
Professional Solicitor Faces Civil Penalties For Wrongly Representing The Arc Of Davidson County
(Published: April 15, 2015)

J & I Advisory Support, LLC of Nashville faces a $247,500 civil penalty for violating the Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Act multiple times.

Investigators with the Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming received a complaint in April 2014 from someone who made a donation of clothing and household items to The Arc of Davidson County. It was the complainant’s belief that the donations would go to help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, which is The Arc’s mission.


Professional Solicitor Faces Civil Penalties For Targeting Law Enforcement Organizations
(Published: April 15, 2015)

Secretary of State Tre Hargett would like to announce civil penalties totaling $57,500 have been imposed on an Arkansas-based solicitor who wrongly represented multiple Tennessee law enforcement organizations.

An anonymous tip sparked a year-long investigation showing, Gaylon Boshears of Little Rock, Ark., illegally operated the soliciting organization “Southern Sports & Events Marketing” across Tennessee. Boshears is also tied to “Arkansas Sports & Events Marketing” and “East Coast Marketing Group.”



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The Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming assists and protects Tennessee citizens by informing them about charities seeking their contributions. The division does this through the following activities:

  • Requiring certain types of charitable organizations who solicit contributions to register their activities with the division.
  • Requiring professional fundraisers to register with the division.
  • Reviewing applications of qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organizations who wish to hold an annual gaming fundraising event, such as a raffle or a reverse raffle.
  • Requiring those who raise money to pay for the medical or related expenses of an individual with a catastrophic illness to establish a trust, and to file written notice to the division about the trust.

The division seeks to:

    1. Make the information obtained from the above activities available to citizens to assist them in making decisions about their charitable giving, and
    2. Assist charitable organizations meet the legal requirements as they relate to charitable fundraising.
    3. Enforce the laws relating to charitable fundraising


Citizens will find a large amount of useful information here to assist them in determining if a charitable organization which is fundraising is meeting the legal requirements to do so, and if the organization is one to which they wish to donate.

Organizations will find the applicable laws and definitions to assist them in fully complying with the law.

Charitable Solicitations and Gaming
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Snodgrass Tower, 8th Floor
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