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Council Initiatives


Earning Women Appointments

Since 2003 the Economic Council on Women has worked to submit names of qualified women to be considered for vacancies on state boards and commissions. Working with the Office of the Governor, the Council has established a process whereby capable, skilled female candidates are recommended for administrative board and commission posts.

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Early success in this Council initiative included the Governor’s appointments of Sue Braly to the Land Surveyors Examiner Board and Elaina Spann to the Home Improvement Commission Licensing Board. Both women are the first females ever appointed to either board, fulfilling the mission of the Council in introducing strong female candidates to the application process so that qualifications are recognized regardless of gender.

Since 2003 the Council has recommended and referred hundreds of qualified women for positions on state boards and commissions.  2010 appointees include:

  • Karen Williams, Humanities Tennessee Board of Directors
  • Jaque Hillman, Delta Regional Authority
  • Jean Schmidt, State Workforce Development Board
  • Shirley A. Frierson, State Workforce Development Board
  • Cele Curtis, Commission on Aging and Disability
  • Chancellor Carol McCoy, Tennessee Arts Commission
  • Echell Eady, State Workforce Development Board
  • Councilwoman Erica Gilmore, Commission on Children and Youth