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Disproportionate Minority Confinement Study

Executive Summary

A short overview of the report is available in portable document file (pdf) format. You may wish to download Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf files.

DMC Report

The DMC Report is available in nine pdf files. Additional statistical information is available in Microsoft Excel files.

DMC Report 1 contains introductory material and the executive summary.

DMC Report 2 contains background information on the project and the problem.

DMC Report 3 contains statistical information about quantitative aspect of the project.

DMC Report 4 contains information about the qualitative aspect of the study.

DMC Report 5 contains findings and recommendations.

DMC Report 6 contains copies of forms and information on sources and researchers.

DMC Report 7 contains charts and graphs of findings for Shelby, Davidson, Knox and Hamilton counties.

DMC Report 8 contains charts and graphs of findings for Madison, Blount and Washington counties.

DMC Report 9 contains statistical reports of variance.


Additional statistical information (cross tabulations of data) not included in the printed copy of the report are included in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for each county. Crosstabs are available for:

Blount County;

Davidson County;

Hamilton County

Knox County;

Madison County;

Shelby County;

Washington County.