ADA Transition Plan

TDOT’s Transition Plan reflects the results of a comprehensive review and survey of the buildings, facilities, programs, and practices that are under the jurisdiction of the department; which, through its functions, provides these programs and services to the public. The review and survey identified both programmatic and architectural barriers to persons with disabilities interested in accessing the TDOT’s programs and services. This survey of facilities can be viewed here or in the ADA/504 Public Accessibility Office during regular working hours. Updates are made to the survey of facilities monthly.

TDOT has limited responsibility or authority over streets, roads or walkways; however, it is our goal that cities provide curb ramps or other sloped areas where pedestrian walk to allow persons with disabilities to cross curbs. Under Tennessee Code, TDOT is responsible for the roadway surface only, but the department has developed a set of standard drawings for use by cities, and TDOT works with cities and counties as it involves ADA/504 compliance of curb cuts. To view the TDOT ADA Compliance Assessment Form (pdf), click here.