ADA Policies

During a TDOT self-evaluation, which reviewed ADA policies and practices, an ADA/504 coordinator met with each TDOT division leader to review programs for compliance accessibility. No division was found to intentionally discriminate when conducting programs; however, formal policies and practices were developed as result of the self-evaluation and review. Those polices are as follows.

  • TDOT publications must include contact information for questions or requests for accommodations regarding the corresponding program. Standardized language must be used.
  • A formal “Request for Accommodations” procedure is in place and information is available on the TDOT website. This procedure assists in making reasonable modifications to programs so they are accessible by everyone. To view the Disability Discrimination Policy (pdf), click here.
  • Training sessions are conducted regularly in TDOT divisions across the state, in order to educate employees on receiving requests and making appropriate modifications to programs and services to ensure effective communications. This procedure establishes necessary lead times for requests. Requests for auxiliary aids and services can also be made by phone or e-mail.
  • A formal “Grievance” procedure is in place and forms are available on the TDOT website. This procedure provides citizens recourse if requests for accommodations are not resolved to the citizens' satisfaction.