CM/GC Project - Interstate 240

Bridge Replacement on I-240 on the east side of Memphis, Shelby County

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                                                                                                                                                    Notice to Contractor for September 1, 2017 Letting on 7/28/17

Quantities (For Information Only) Plans for Oct 12, 2017 Letting Prime Contractor Kiewit

Proposals & Bid Files on Bid Express (Official Bid Files) 9/01/17

Proposal Book 10/12/17

Notice to Contractors Q&A 5/11/16 Preliminary Plans (For Information Only) Old Plan Sets
Request For Proposals Q&A 6/6/16 As-Built Bridge Plans I-240 Survey
Addendum 1 Q&A 6/7/16 I-240 CM/GC Technical Study Mandatory CM/GC Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendees
QR Form Sample CMGC Contract Bridge Inspection Reports Mandatory CM/GC Pre-Proposal Meeting Q&A