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Employment and Community First CHOICES

Employment and Community First CHOICES is a new program for people of all ages who have an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD).  This includes people who have significant disabilities.

Services in the new program will help people with I/DD live as independently as possible at home or in the community, not in an institution.  They also help them do things in the community that they want to do—to help them build relationships and reach their goals. If the person lives at home with their family, the services help their family support them to become as independent as possible, work, and actively participate in their communities.  Benefits include self-advocacy supports for the person and for their family. Residential services are also covered for adults who need them.

But there’s more!  Employment and Community First CHOICES can help the person with I/DD get ready to work and find a job.  This could be a full-time job.  Or it could be a part-time job or self-employment.  Working can help people become more independent, build relationships, and participate in their communities. It can also help improve their health and quality of life.

Here is a complete list of services and how they can help.

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