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Magellan Medicaid Administration has been TennCare’s pharmacy benefits manager since June 1, 2013.

Please visit Magellan’s TennCare website for all information not found here.

Are you a provider who needs help with pharmacy related matters? Call the TennCare Pharmacy Program at: 1-888-816-1680.

Effective February 1, 2006, the TennCare Pharmacy Program revised the prescription limit program to allow adult enrollees to exceed the monthly 5 prescription or 2 brand limit for certain medications in high risk situations. This is in addition to over 600 hundred medications on the Automatic Exemption List that do not count towards limits. To initiate an exception request, the prescriber must call 866-434-5524. A complete listing of medications that can be considered for a prescription limit override are posted on the Prescriber Attestation List .

Additional Program Information and Documents such as the Pharmacy Manual , Auto Exempt List , Preferred Drug List , and Prior Authorization Forms can be found at .