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Board of Directors

Governor Bill Haslam (Chairman),
Governor of Tennessee
Deisgnee: Mr. Mark Cate


Dr. Richard Rhoda (Vice Chairman),
Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
Designee: Dr. Russ Deaton


Dr. Claude O. Pressnell, Jr (Secretary),
President, Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association

Mr. David H. Lillard, Jr.,
State Treasurer
Designee: Joy Harris

Mr. Justin P. Wilson,
State Comptroller of the Treasury
Designee: Mr. Joseph Woodson


Mr. Larry Martin,
Commissioner, State Department of Finance and Administration
Designee: Mr. Greg Turner


Mr. Kevin Huffman,
Commissioner, State Department of Education
Designee: Mr. Morgan Branch

Mr. John Morgan,
Chancellor, Tennessee Board of Regents
Designee: David Gregory


Dr. Joe Dipietro,
President, University of Tennessee
Designee: Dr. Keith Carver


Dr. J. Gary Adcox
TPBSA President


Dr. Betty Sue McGarvey,
President, Baptist College of Health Sciences
Designee: Dr. Gary E. Weedman


Mr. Jeff Gerkin,
President, TASFAA


Ms. Keri McInnis,
Commercial Lender Representative


Mr. Cody Noble,
Citizen Member


Dr. L. LaSimba Gray, Jr.,
Citizen Member


Mr. Daniel Webb,
Student Member


Ms. Sydney Samantha Jones,
Student Member