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Subjects :

Atkins, Samuel. Cotton production practices in type-of-farming area 3, southwestern TN, 1947. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1950. 35 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #257)

Biographical directory, TN General Assembly, 1796-1969 (Haywood County, Preliminary # 45-A). Nashville, TSLA, 1974. 32 pp.

Couto, Richard A. Lifting the veil: a political history of struggles for emancipation. Knoxville, UT Press, 1993. 330 pp.

Emergency operations plan, Brownsville-Haywood County, TN. Nashville, TEMA, 1987. 1 vol.

Goble, William E. Farm equipment in six west TN counties, 1948. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1949. 56 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #248)

Goodspeed's history of TN (Haywood County, pp. 818-829, 921-947). Goodspeed, 1887.

Hamner, Virginia. Biography of John Alexander Taylor as revealed by his journals, 1842-1881. Trinity U. thesis, 1959. pp.

Haywood County, 1980-1987: an economic analysis. Nashville, TN Dept. Emp. Sec., 1988. 12 pp.

Henderson, Harold A. Pastures & pasture practices: pastures on Haywood County, TN farms; how they were produced & used. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1957. 14 pp.

History of Haywood County, TN, 1989. Brownsville, Brownsville-Haywood County Hist. Soc., 1989. 304 pp.

Lewis, Paul O. The vascular flora of Haywood County, TN. MSU thesis, 1984. 149 pp.

Luebke, B.H. Farm real estate situation in five areas of TN, 1941-1944. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1945. 52 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #185)

McCormick, Robert R. Industrial site survey for Haywood County, TN. Atlanta, GA, Southern Regional Ed. Board, 1967. 27 pp.

McKinnon, Udalga Z. A survey of the financial methods of the negro rural churches of the south, with special emphasis upon the churches of Haywood County, TN. Drew U. thesis, 1950. 108 pp.

Provine, William A., ed. "In memorium: Col. George C. Porter." THM 5 (1919), pp. 137-141.

Tasty delights from Haywood County Carverites: cherished recipes collected by former students of Dunbar, Haywood County Training & Carver High School, Brownsville, TN. Collierville, Fundcraft Publishing, 1987. 98 pp.

TN Dept. Education. Survey of Haywood County: school plant. Nashville, the department, 1968. 54 pp.

TN Dept. Transportation [county maps] issued periodically.

TN Taxpayers Assn. A report on the financial survey of the government of Haywood County, TN. Prepared for the Haywood County Taxpayers Assn., & for the county court of Haywood County. Nashville, the association, 1933. 68 pp.

TN Valley Authority. Ind. Div. Agricultural-industrial survey of Haywood County, TN. Knoxville, TVA, 1935. var. pp.

US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Gates, Chestnut Bluff, Maury City, Durhamville, Tibbs, Jones, Belk, Turnpike, Brownsville, Sunnyhill, Denmark, Stanton, Dancyville, Hillville, Mercer.

Whatley, Thomas J. Production practices, costs & returns from corn, Haywood County, TN, 1947. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1948. 24 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #230)

Whatley, Thomas J. Production practices, costs & returns from cotton, Haywood County, TN, 1947. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1948. 26 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #239)

Whatley, Thomas J. Trends & opportunities in Haywood & Weakley counties, TN. Knoxville, TN Ag. Exp. Sta., 1947. 24 pp. (its Rural research series monograph #231)


Community information, Brownsville, TN. Prepared by Brownsville-Haywood County Chamber of Commerce & West TN Ind. Assoc. Jackson, the association, 1988. 30 pp.

Flood insurance study: city of Brownsville, TN, Haywood County. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1988. 8 pp.

Hollow, Elizabeth P. "Development of the Brownsville Baptist Female College, an example of female education in the south, 1850-1910." WTHSP (1978), pp. 48-59.

Mann, Robert. History of Christ Episcopal Church, Brownsville, TN, organized August 25, 1832. Memphis, Memphis Print. Service, 1970. 15 pp.


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