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Subjects :

Alexander, Harbert L. "The Armstrong raid including the battle of Bolivar, Medon Station & Britton Lane." THQ 21 (1962), pp. 31-46.

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Smith, Jonathan K. The historic Denmark Baptist campground & church, Madison County, TN. Jackson, the author, 1993. 11 pp.

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Smith, Jonathan K. Our Claybrook heritage. Jackson, the author, 1993. 64 pp.

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TN Dept. Transportation [county maps] issued periodically.

US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Humboldt, Medina, Spring Creek, Cedar Grove, Bells, Adair, Jackson North, Claybrook, Juno, Denmark, Westover, Jackson South, Beech Bluff, Luray, Mercer, Teague, Medon, Henderson.

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Williams, John J. Report on a new system of good county roads by which the farming lands of Madison County will be increased to double their present value, & from four to six times the cost of the good roads, read before the honorable county court of Madison County, TN, at its quarterly session of April, 1895. Jackson, David L. Balch, 1895. 18 pp.


Edmonson, James H. "Denmark, TN: the first 150 years." WTHSP 34 (1980), pp. 88-95.



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Jackson-Madison County, TN master plan recreation 2000. Jackson, n.p., 1980. 103 pp.

Jackson, TN citizens. Brief statement of facts showing the sentiment of the citizens of Jackson, TN, upon the saloon question. All exhibits & certified lists are in the hands of A.H. Askew, representative from Madison County. Jackson, n.p., 1907. 16 pp.

Jackson, TN Free Public Library. Civic affairs forum, Jackson Free Library, Jackson, TN. Case study by Mrs. Gretchen Conduitte & Sarah Francis Smith, March-May, 1954. Forum conducted with one of twenty sub-grant awards by the ALA from the Fund for Adult Education. Nashville, TSLA, 1955. 34 pp.

Jackson, TN Utility Div. Sesquicentennial celebration cookbook. Jackson, n.p., 1972. 44 pp.

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James, Lena G. Historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Jackson: glimpses past & present. Jackson, the author, 1962. 67 pp.

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Profile for decision making, Jackson, TN. Prepared by Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce & West TN Ind. Assoc. Jackson, the association, 1987. 37 pp.

Reed, Mary S. Journey to excellence: a history of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Jackson, Golden Circle Print., Inc., 1993. 169 pp.

TN Industrial & Agricultural Dev. Comm. 3 plans for community progress.

Nashville, the commission, 1958. 52 pp. (titles: The Oneida Plan; The Lewisburg Plan; The Jackson Plan)

West Jackson Baptist Church. History of the West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, TN: the first fifty years, 1906-1956, golden anniversary celebration. Jackson, the church, 1956. 36 pp.

Wiley, J.W. St. Mary's Church, Jackson, TN: the story of catholicity in Jackson, TN, from earliest times. Jackson, McCowat-Mercer, 1951. 71 pp.

Williams, Emma I. "Jackson & Madison County: an inland cotton center of the growing west." THQ 3 (1944), pp. 24-45.


Casey Jones

Currotto, William F. Casey Jones. Memphis, the author, 1994. 57 pp.

Drake, Robert Y., Jr. "Casey Jones: the man & the son." TN Folklore Soc. Bull. 19 (1953), pp. 95-101.

Gleiter, Jan & Kathleen Thompson. Casey Jones. Illustrated by Francis Balistreri. Milwaukee, WI, Raintree Childrens Books, 1987. 32 pp. (juvenile)

Lee, Fred J. Casey Jones: epic of the American railroad. Kingsport, Southern Publishers, 1939. 298 pp.

Moody, James W., Jr. "Casey Jones Railroad Museum." THQ 25 (1966), pp. 3- 21. (reprinted in More landmarks of TN, pp. 187-205)

Overall, B.W. "The man at the throttle": the story of Casey Jones, the brave engineer. Jackson, Casey Jones Museum, 1956. 76 pp.

York, Carol B. Casey Jones. Illustrated by Bert Dodson, Mahwah, NJ, Troll Associates, 1980. 46 pp. (juvenile)


Lambuth College

Clement, Sarah V. A college grows... MCFI-Lambuth. Jackson, McCowat- Mercer Press, 1972. 242 pp.

Herron, W.W. "A history of Lambuth College." WTHSP 10 (1956), pp. 20-37.

Hinton, David E. Origin, development & aims of Lambuth College. George Peabody College thesis, 1936. pp.


Lane College

Adair, Thomas J. Bishop Isaac Lane, a portrait: 1834-1914. TSA&I thesis, 1956. pp.

Cooke, Anna L. Lane College: its heritage & outreach, 1882-1982. Jackson, the college, 1987. 150 pp.

Savage, Horace C. Life & times of Bishop Isaac Lane. Nashville, National Pub. Co., 1958. 240 pp.


Union University

Rutledge, Rosa D. "Union University through the century, 1834-1950." WTHSP 4 (1950), pp. 83-96.

Ward, Richard H. A history of Union University. Jackson, Union U. Press, 1975. 211 pp.

Ward, Richard H. "Union University & its predecessors: historical highlights." WTHSP 29 (1975), pp. 55-63.


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