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Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications : Hardeman County


Pensions:    S = Soldier's pension           W = Widow's pension          C = Colored pension
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Achord, William AndersonHardemanW1311Achord, Anna Amanda
Adams, R. M.HardemanS726114th Cav.
Alford, J. R.HardemanS576318th Inf.
Allen, ThompsonHardemanW30Allen, Martha A.
Ammons, R. F.HardemanS285Undetermined
Ammons, Robert F.HardemanW2971Ammons, Christian Caroline
Anderson, Miles E.HardemanW3393Anderson, Bettie
Anderson, W. J.HardemanS1344014th Cav.
Andrews, Patrick HenryHardemanS10442Forrest's Old Regiment Cav.
Arnett, W. R.HardemanS155211st (Turney's) Inf.
Babb, Stephen OliverHardemanS1244422nd Inf.
Bailey, AlphaHardemanS1338014th Cav.
Baldy, W. H.HardemanS124851st Miss. Cav.
Baldy, William H.HardemanW5563Baldy, Rosa Virginia
Belote, Wesley F.HardemanS31314th Miss. Inf.
Bishop, DavidHardemanS1292214th Inf.
Bishop, DavidHardemanW8878Bishop, Louisa
Bizzell, T. H.HardemanS944614th (Neely's) Cav.
Bizzell, Thomas HenryHardemanW4252Bizzell, Sarah Elizabeth
Bizzle, J. R.HardemanS1292314th Cav.
Black, T. G.HardemanS1417131st Inf.
Blalock, Frederick StantonHardemanW10557Blalock, Ollie Gertrude
Blaylock, Edward P.HardemanW10568Blaylock, Florence Cooper
Blaylock, F. S.HardemanS110927th(Duckworth's) Cav.
Bolding, Samuel H.HardemanS184043rd Inf.
Boston, James CalvinHardemanS1070034th Miss. Inf.
Boswell, D. M.HardemanW1780Boswell, Annie E.
Boyd, R. A.HardemanS13535Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
Boyd, Robert AlexanderHardemanW4501Boyd, Emily G.
Bray, M. W.HardemanS573722nd Inf.
Breeden, Samuel YoungHardemanS96207th Cav.
Breen, DanielHardemanS14931st Lt. Art.
Brewer, Albert AndrewHardemanW5411Brewer, Lina
Brooks, Tudar FrithHardemanW8879Brooks, Octavia
Brown, RobertHardemanS57259th Inf.
Brown, Robert.HardemanW9385Brown, Sarah M.
Brown, WilliamHardemanS507314th Cav.
Bruce, J. I.HardemanS131899th Inf.
Brumbelow, James H.HardemanW10567Brumbelow, Mary Louisa
Buchanan, John M.HardemanS1160937th Va. Inf.
Buchanan, John MatthewHardemanW4149Buchanan, Sarah Richard
Burnett, W. B.HardemanS14977Polk's Battery Lt. Art.
Burrus, Joseph MarionHardemanW3394Burrus, Margaret Louverne
Busby, DavidHardemanS42276th Miss. Cav.
Campbell, G. D.HardemanS65299th Inf.
Campbell, Garner DuncanHardemanW2839Campbell, Cornelia
Carlen, H. W.HardemanW2051Carlen, Mary
Caruthers, William A.HardemanW8727 & W7256Caruthers, Amanda Lewis
Caruthers, William AdolphusHardemanS13169Polk's Battery Lt. Art.
Casey, J. D. R.HardemanW11061Casey, Martha Jane
Casey, John Daniel RandallHardemanS898414th Cav.
Churchill, JohnHardemanC212Undetermined
Cirttenden, J.HardemanS139189th Ala. Cav.
Clinton, Samuel HardemanHardemanW8995Clinton, Louisiana
Coffee, T. D.HardemanS158909th Inf.
Coffey, Thomas DavidHardemanW9222Coffey, Alberta H.
Coffman, WilliamHardemanW1218Coffman, Telitha Cuni
Cole, B. B.HardemanS883559th Ala. Inf.
Cole, W. H.HardemanS75541st Ala. Tenn. & Miss. Inf.
Cook, R. A.HardemanS179213th Inf.
Cook, Robert AlexanderHardemanW7045Cook, Mary Elizabeth
Cooper, Solomon EdwinHardemanW10569Cooper, Nancy Lasly
Cox, F. M.HardemanS1292414th (Neely's) Cav.
Cox, W. F.HardemanS1292514th (Neely's) Cav.
Cox, W. F.HardemanS1609314th Cav.
Cox, William FranklinHardemanW8882Cox, Lucie Jane
Cox, Wilson W.HardemanW731Cox, Ritta M.
Crawford, R. N.HardemanS770932nd Ark. Inf.
Crawford, R. R.HardemanS14764Polk's Battery Lt. Art.
Crawford, Robert RafordHardemanW9755Crawford, Matilda Caroline
Crawford, Thomas N.HardemanS116947th Cav.
Cross, Napoleon BonaparteHardemanW4346Cross, Elizabeth
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Daily, Henry EllisHardemanS1325049th Ala. Inf.
Daniel, Chester ColumbusHardemanW6109Daniel, Martha Victoria
Daniel, Martin RolintonHardemanW10111Daniel, Sarah Frances
Daniels, C. C.HardemanS50839th Miss. Inf.
Davis, B. F.HardemanS12926 & S1070114th (Neely's) Cav.
Day, W. P.HardemanS153333rd Inf.
Deming, C. W.HardemanS793822nd Inf.
Derryberry, A. J.HardemanS922714th Cav.
Devenport, Charles W.HardemanS473534th Miss. Inf.
Dowdy, G. W.HardemanS149343rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Dowdy, GaorgeHardemanW9086Dowdy, Sallie Elizabeth
Doyle, John R.HardemanS1100114th Inf.
Dulin, Fouzie S.HardemanS588348th N.C. Inf.
Duncan, A. M.HardemanS430542nd Inf.
Duncan, C. A.HardemanS140710th Ark. Inf.
Duncan, Calvin AndersonHardemanW8849Duncan, Sallie Louise
Duning, Charles WesleyHardemanW3147Duning, Harriet Elizabeth
Durrent, David EdgarHardemanW5189Durrent, Mary Elizabeth
Eastland, J. T.HardemanS129653rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Ellett, J. F.HardemanS110105th Ala. Inf.
Elliott, W. W. R.HardemanS8747154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
Emerson, A. R.HardemanS618114th Cav.
Ervin, Joe J.HardemanS28347th Cav.
Ervin, TheophilusHardemanS1381835th Ark Inf.
Erwin, Joseph JohnHardemanW8046Erwin, Nancy Rebecca
Eubank, James ThomasHardemanW368Eubank, Mary E.
Farris, T. J.HardemanS101473rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Felts, A.HardemanS1147055th Inf.
Felts, Alexander GreenHardemanW8017Felts, Dullie Parilee
Ferrill, John BurtonHardemanS12139Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
Ferrill, ThomasHardemanW105Ferrill, Nancy S.
Fleming, J. W.HardemanS184214th Cav.
Fortune, John T.HardemanW7598Fortune, Nancy
Franklin, Jese H.HardemanS551417th Miss. Inf.
Franklin, Jesse HardinHardemanW2238Franklin, Mary Lavinia
Freeman, W. L.HardemanW7644Freeman, Annie
Gatlin, A. G.HardemanS12927 & S1101114th Cav.
Gibson, J. L.HardemanS114717th Miss. Cav.
Gibson, J. T.HardemanS1218514th (Neely's) Cav.
Gibson, Stephen HardyHardemanW2254Gibson, Hannah E.
Glidewell, TimothyHardemanS585014th(Neely's) Cav.
Godsey, John H.HardemanS148087th Miss. Cav.
Graham, R. M.HardemanS1246963rd Inf.
Graham, Robert MatthewHardemanW5200Graham, Sarah Catharine
Graig, James PolkHardemanS322711th Inf.
Granger, John GilesHardemanS105066th W.
Graves, John G.HardemanW7531Graves, Nancy Jane
Greer, T. J.HardemanS8806Forrest's Old Regt. of Cav.
Groves, JohnHardemanS1371014th (Neely's) Cav.
Hackney, William PerryHardemanW8205Hackney, Gildie Jane
Haley, J. H.HardemanS166074th (Murray's) Cav.
Hammons, John A.HardemanS223914th Cav.
Hankins, William HardemanW1020Hankins, Satira H.
Harlan, Cullen MackHardemanS1197523rd Miss. Inf.
Harris, Charles EdwinHardemanS15938 & S166243rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Harris, OrrisHardemanS113057th Cav.
Haskins, Jasper N.HardemanS70652nd Miss. Inf.
Hazlewood, T.HardemanS64833rd (Forrest's) Cav.
Hazlewood, William E.HardemanW8282Hazlewood, Mattie
Henley, G. P.HardemanS98324th Miss. Inf.
Hensley, George WashingtonHardemanW4492Hensley, Louisa Jane
Hensley, R. W.HardemanS164533rd Miss. Inf.
Hill, John W.HardemanW4614Hill, S. E.
Hizer, JasperHardemanS527014th Cav.
Howell, D. C.HardemanS640714th (Neely's) Cav.
Howell, David CrawfordHardemanW1312Howell, Nancy J.
Howell, R. C.HardemanS26089th Inf.
Howell, Richard CHardemanW8019Howell, Nancy A.
Howell, Richard C.HardemanS45149th Inf.
Howse, L. C.HardemanS1233414th (Neely's) Cav.
Huddleton, F. M.HardemanS1341918th (Newsom's) Cav.
Hudson, Carroll TiptonHardemanS1292814th (Neely's) Cav.
Hudson, James E.HardemanS7789th Inf.
Hudson, W. L.HardemanS1292914th Cav.
Hunt, Charles M.HardemanW9782Hunt, Ella
Hurst, A. J.HardemanW7658Hurst, Mary J.
Hurt, Thomas BenjaminHardemanS1136721st (Wilson's) Cav.
Ingul, EphraimHardemanS706916th N.C. In f.
Irby, Lundy RobertHardemanW2837Irby, Temple
Irwin, J. B.HardemanS110663rd Miss. Cav.
Irwin, J. B.HardemanW4451Irwin, Lenora L.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Jackson, J. C.HardemanS1139352nd Inf.
Jackson, Jessy C.HardemanW4653Jackson, N.M.
Jacobs, Edward WesleyHardemanS86714th Cav.
Jacobs, Edward WesleyHardemanW7590Jacobs, Sarah Francis
Jacobs, John W.HardemanS898514th Cav.
Jernigan, A. A. Sr.HardemanS1257918th (Newsom's) Cav.
Jernigan, M. H.HardemanS469514th Cav.
Johnson, J. M.HardemanS1150010th Tex Cav.
Johnson, W. H.HardemanS613214th (Neely's) Cav.
Jones, J. A.HardemanW9983Jones, Ruthie Jane
Jones, J. J.HardemanS98161st N.C. Inf.
Jones, J. R.HardemanS1231622nd Inf.
Jones, James RileyHardemanW7240Jones, Mary Elizabeth
Jones, JoeHardemanS149411st (Carter's) Cav.
Jones, John B.HardemanS961212th Miss. Inf.
Jones, Thomas J.HardemanS183116th Cav.
Jones, Thomas JeffersonHardemanW3877Jones, Lucy Evelyn
Jordan, R. C.HardemanS653321st S.C. Inf.
Justice, J. C.HardemanS1100 & S93614th Cav.
Kellar, Joseph H.HardemanS1620118th (Newsom's) Cav.
Keller, Abe J.HardemanS1613218th Cav.
Keller, George W.HardemanS85016th Inf.
Keller, James B.HardemanW4354Keller, Mary E.
Kelso, J. F.HardemanW6256Kelso, Margaret
Kennedy, ObeHardemanS1293021st (Wilson's) Cav.
Kewin, JamesHardemanS8262Confederate States
Gunboat, Ark.
Kidd, K. L.HardemanS1043019th Miss. Inf.
Kirkland, Joseph B.HardemanW71Kirkland, Nancy J.
Kirkland, Richard HenryHardemanW3570Kirkland, Mariah Jane
Knott, William L.HardemanW3244Knott, Martha
Lambert, Charles MonroeHardemanS11418Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Lanier, S. H.HardemanS80139th Inf.
Lax, Robert M.HardemanW2299Lax, Mary E.
Leath, James K.HardemanS593918th Miss. Cav.
Leggett, William M.HardemanS203154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Leggett, William MarcusHardemanW6869Leggett, Mary Jane
Lewellen, F. G.HardemanS407023rd Miss. Inf.
Lewis, Nathaniel B.HardemanW5684Lewis, Martha Ann
Littrell, CharleyHardemanC16814th Cav.
Lumpkin, Wilson M.HardemanW3637Lumpkin, Martha A.
Luttrell, John WashingtonHardemanW4413Luttrell, Eldes
Lynn, J. D.HardemanS1020615th (Stewart's) Cav.
Majors, B. F.HardemanS453245th Inf.
Majors, Benjamin FranklinHardemanW6916Majors, Alsie Jane
Malone, C. P.HardemanS1105926th Miss. Inf.
Maroney, JamesHardemanS10852Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Mashburn, James EdwardHardemanW2091Mashburn, Eliza Jane
Mauldin, William DreadHardemanW6900Mauldin, Virginia Washington
May, J. W.HardemanS114727th Miss. Cav.
May, W. C.HardemanS39191st Cav.
May, William C.HardemanW5839May, Sarah
Mayfield, J. R.HardemanS1154022nd Inf.
McCann, JamesHardemanS602322nd Inf.
McCann, JamesHardemanW1068McCann, Frances Lemyra
McCarter, S. A.HardemanS1006214th Inf.
McCaskill, James ArmstrongHardemanW265McCaskill, Faith Elizabeth
McCaskill, John E.HardemanS127024th Inf.
McCaskill, John E.HardemanW5776McCaskill, Cynthia
McGee, Henry LafayetteHardemanW8968McGee, Nannie
McKee, WilliamHardemanS52349th Inf.
McKinnie, M. J.HardemanS112987th (Duckworth's) Cav.
McLaren, Anthony AugustusHardemanW6605McLaren, Cynthia Carry
McLeran, A. A.HardemanS1207026th Miss. Inf.
Middleton, John N.HardemanS472323rd Miss. Inf.
Middleton, John NathanielHardemanW5057Middleton, Mollie Ann
Mills, Augustus.HardemanW5827Mills, Laura Lane
Mills, F.HardemanS1293114th Cav.
Mills, F.HardemanS9259th Inf.
Mills, FredHardemanS23319th Inf.
Mills, William R.HardemanW4493Mills, Emma Catherine
Mills, William RobertHardemanS667914th (Neely's) Cav.
Milstead, Charles ThomasHardemanS855416th Cav.
Mitchell, Albert HarrisonHardemanW2930 & W8229Mitchell, Sallie Elizabeth
Mitchell, George
HardemanW10423 & W7285Mitchell, Henritta
Moore, L. C.HardemanS3498Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Moore, PeytonHardemanS610014th Cav.
Motley, James MarshalHardemanS100839th Inf.
Motley, William DanielHardemanS3608Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Mullen, Edward AlexanderHardemanW8826Mullen, Mary Adeline
Murdaugh, L. B.HardemanS12271 & S16681Forrest's Old Regt. Cav.
Murley, John ClarkHardemanS6122154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Murley, William HamiltonHardemanW2247Murley, Nancy
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Napier, R. L.HardemanS323029th Inf.
Naylor, J. B.HardemanS216252nd Inf.
Neeley, James CalvinHardemanW9345Neeley, Susan Addie
Neely, J.HardemanS838514th Cav.
Neely, J. S.HardemanS115239th Inf.
Neely, James JacksonHardemanW385Neely, Fanny Stephens
Neely, Richard JamesHardemanW6478Neely, Mary E.
Nicholson, George R.HardemanW5278Nicholson, Fannie
Norris, John R.HardemanS1225818th Miss. Cav.
Norton, W. C.HardemanS90922nd Miss. Inf.
Nuckolls, William W.HardemanW10344Nuckolls, Mary Francis
Patterson, H. I.HardemanS1207611th Ala. Cav.
Patterson, Hobart IvesHardemanW5631Patterson, Mary Virginia
Pearson, Calvin N.HardemanS1161217th Inf.
Pearson, StanfordHardemanW5926Pearson, Elizabeth
Pepper, R. G.HardemanS895514th Cav.
Perry, Marcus NicholasHardemanW6887Perry, Kate
Perry, Mark NicholasHardemanS8565Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Peters, Edward J. W.HardemanW33Peters, Mary Ann
Pierce, RichardHardemanS129626th Ga. Cav.
Pipkin, Stephen L.HardemanW2767Pipkin, Maria Jane
Pirtle, G. W.HardemanS50257th Cav.
Pirtle, William ColemanHardemanW3113Pirtle, Mary Ellen
Prewitt, George WashingtonHardemanS119214th Inf.
Prewitt, George WashingtonHardemanW11143Prewitt, Mary Spinks
Prewitt, J. M.HardemanS121414th Inf.
Prewitt, M. W.HardemanS1220618th Miss. Inf.
Prewitt, Thomas E.HardemanS118184th Inf.
Ray, R. B.HardemanS299319th & 20th
(Consol.) Cav.
Redd, William JamesHardemanS8762Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Reffearn, HarrisonHardemanS874922nd Inf.
Reynolds, Charles RichardHardemanS117492nd Ark. Inf.
Reynolds, Charles RichardHardemanW7855Reynolds, Georgia Ann
Rhea, A.HardemanS1334613th Inf.
Rhea, AbramHardemanW8773 & W5008Rhea, Emma Louise
Rhodes, Robert JamesHardemanW8688Rhodes, Martha Thomas
Richards, George W.HardemanS29947th Cav.
Riley, A. W.HardemanW6071Riley, Mary E.
Riley, Thomas J.HardemanS836223rd Miss. Inf.
Robley, John B.HardemanS624114th (Neely's) Cav.
Robley, John B.HardemanW1149Robley, Catherine
Rodgers, J. N.HardemanS110334th Inf.
Rodgers, Samuel L.HardemanS301211th Cav.
Rogers, J. W.HardemanS68809th Inf.
Rogers, JamesHardemanS809142nd Inf.
Rogers, John NicholHardemanW6037Rogers, Sarah Elizabeth
Rogers, Samuel BentonHardemanW1529 & W3920Rogers, Mary L.
Rogers, Samuel BentonHardemanW3920 & W1529Rogers, Lucinda
Rose, W. E.HardemanW10431Rose, Martha Jane
Russell, S. H.HardemanS807219th & 20th
(Consolidated) Cav.
Russell, Stephen H.HardemanW3118Russell, Miranda M.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Sain, AndrewHardemanS898714th Cav.
Sain, CalvinHardemanS1293214th Cav.
Sasser, Joel StevensHardemanW3921Sasser, Susan Frances
Sauls, David CrockettHardemanW5050Sauls, Elizabeth Apr
Sauls, David Crockett Sr.HardemanS11855Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Savage, John H.HardemanS336813th Inf.
Savage, John WashingtonHardemanW5965Savage, Susan Jane
Scoggins, JesseHardemanS1177418th (Newsom's) Cav.
Scott, Howland P.HardemanS70704th Ala. Cav.
Sexton, Green A.HardemanS844114th Cav.
Sexton, Thomas C.HardemanS51917th Cav.
Shaw, C. A. S.HardemanS875614th Cav.
Shea, ThomasHardemanS93979th Inf.
Shearin, Jesse BlanchettHardemanS1409613th Inf.
Shearin, Jessie B.HardemanW10628Shearin, Lavinia E.
Shearson, William T.HardemanS565822nd Inf.
Sheets, George WilsonHardemanS91581st La. Art.
Shelton, Daniel HoustonHardemanW3641Shelton, Celia Ann
Shelton, J. A.HardemanS32823rd Miss. Inf.
Shelton, James AndersonHardemanW7398Shelton, Martha Caroline
Short, W. F.HardemanS12357Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Siler, James LewisHardemanS802326th N.C. Inf.
Siler, JosiahHardemanS150721st N.C. Jr. Reserves
Siler, Josiah.HardemanW9684Siler, Mary Jane
Simmons, Benjamin A.HardemanW332Simmons, Martha 0.
Simmons, John H.HardemanW333Simmons, Olivia F.
Sladge, William R.HardemanS1036923rd Inf.
Smart, N. Z.HardemanW5557Smart, Mollie V.
Smart, Newton ZachariahHardemanS1165013th Inf.
Smith, B. B.HardemanS281659th Ala. Inf.
Smith, George W.HardemanW4729Smith, Priscilla
Smith, John P.HardemanW4303Smith, Eliza Jane
Smith, John W.HardemanS1165118th Miss. Cav.
Smith, John W.HardemanW3213Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Marion S.HardemanS1165218th Miss. Cav.
Smith, Monroe S.HardemanW3285Smith, Mattie P.
Southall, Augustus LafayetteHardemanW6127Southall, Julia Ann
Speck, G. D.HardemanS1186445th Miss. Inf.
Spurlin, George W.HardemanS48531st Tenn., Ala and Miss. Inf.
Stevens, James EdwardHardemanW2838 & W1644Stevens, Sarah Ann
Stewart, H. A.HardemanS1527214th Cav.
Stone, Egenardus BanisterHardemanS1238322nd Ga. Bn., Hvy. Art.
Stuart, Thomas CollierHardemanW1530Stuart, Henrietta Catharine
Stuart, William FranklinHardemanW1825Stuart, Amand N.
Surles, EdHardemanW5671Surles, Addie
Sweeney, H. H.HardemanS137563rd Mo. Cav.
Tally, R. F.HardemanS1609914th Cav.
Tally, Robert FranklinHardemanW10744Tally, Louisa Leone
Tate, Joseph WilsonHardemanS102314th Inf.
Tate, Robert AlexanderHardemanS1234316th N.C. Inf.
Tate, Robert AlexanderHardemanW7852Tate, Mattie Duke
Taylor, James MadisonHardemanS1228922nd Inf.
Taylor, MosesHardemanS73957th Cav.
Taylor, MosesHardemanW3276Taylor, Rosa B.
Taylor, William AlexanderHardemanS90397th (Duckworth's) Cav.
Taylor, William AlexanderHardemanW6424Taylor, Catherine Elizabeth
Teague, Joseph B.HardemanW4611Teague, Susan
Tennison, Hiram F.HardemanS597926th Miss. Inf.
Thompson, JohnHardemanS1238422nd Inf.
Thornton, J. R.HardemanS128496th Inf.
Tillman, CalvinHardemanS582817th Cav.
Tillman, J. A.HardemanS78769th Inf.
Tillman, Joshua A.HardemanW6180Tillman, Lizzie
Tims, John H.HardemanS8924Newman's Cav.
Tims, V. T.HardemanW3804Tims, Ann
Tozer, SamuelHardemanS306722nd Inf.
Treadway, JamesHardemanS70775th Miss. Inf.
Trim, Samuel H.HardemanW7905Trim, Martha E.
Ussery, W. C.HardemanS530413th Inf.
Ussery, William C.HardemanW1553Ussery, Angeline
Vaughn, WilliamHardemanS583222nd Inf.
Vernon, A. J.HardemanS137194th Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Warren, JohnHardemanS86044th Inf.
Weatherall, William Mcw.HardemanW8105Weatherall, Rhoda J.
Weaver, J. L.HardemanS1252951st Inf.
Webster, Jesse WisemanHardemanS1409713th Inf.
Wellons, C. M.HardemanW6296Wellons, Maria Louise
Wellons, Charles MarmadukeHardemanS1003122nd Inf.
Westmoreland, J. M.HardemanS491834th Miss. Inf.
Whitley, R. D.HardemanS153533rd N.C. Cav.
Wiggins, William H.HardemanS64694th Inf.
Wiggins, William HenryHardemanW4477Wiggins, Matilda Jane
Wilkerson, Thomas OwenHardemanW2509Wilkerson, Letitia C.
Wilkes, BenjaminHardemanW4235Wilkes, Sophia Emeline
Wilkinson, N. L.HardemanS1338114th Cav.
Wilkinson, Nathaniel LawrenceHardemanW5778Wilkinson, Louisa Catharine
Wilkinson, Pleasant FletcherHardemanS12465154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Wilkinson, Pleasant FletcherHardemanW8473Wilkinson, Sallie Independence
Williams, J. P.HardemanS1463414th (Neely's) Cav.
Williams, Luke LeeHardemanS7162154th Sr. Regt., Inf.
Wilson, Charles MiltonHardemanW7967Wilson, Mollie Ladora
Wood, Nathaniel E.HardemanW7906Wood, Margaret Lucy
Wood, Nathaniel EllisHardemanS11117Forrest's Old Regt., Cav.
Woods, James AllenHardemanW3740Woods, Leah Clementine
Woods, William RobinsonHardemanS1425812th Cav.
Woolverton, B. S.HardemanS843921st Cav.
Wyatt, G. H.HardemanS855618th Cav.
Yarbrough, John CrocketHardemanW8549Yarbrough, Sarah Elizabeth
Yarbrough, W. I.HardemanS626314th Cav.
Yarbrough, William IraHardemanW5013Yarbrough, Lucretia
Young, Joseph HerbertHardemanW3548Young, Willie Cornelia


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