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Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications : Knox County


Pensions:    S = Soldier's pension           W = Widow's pension          C = Colored pension
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Acock, W. M.KnoxS1452462nd Inf.
Adams, LeeKnoxS1041363rd Inf.
Adams, Lee AndrewKnoxW6459Adams, Mary
Adams, Thomas FletcherKnoxW2844Adams, Margaret
Adams, William JudsonKnoxS1223729th Ala. Inf.
Agee, G. M.KnoxS1544051st Va. Inf.
Akers, Edwin ArcherKnoxW10490Akers, Harriet Nelson Collins
Albin, James ShannonKnoxS1087533rd Va. Inf.
Allen, B. F.KnoxS1662829th N.C. Inf.
Allison, Alex.KnoxW6948Allison, Ida Harris
Allison, AlexanderKnoxS124797th Inf.
Ammons, J. A.KnoxS67182nd N.C. Cav.
Amy, PeteKnoxC143Unassigned (Supply Wagon)
Anderson, Curren M.KnoxW3292Anderson, Ellen M.
Anderson, Daria D.KnoxW6051Anderson, Jessie L
Anderson, DavidKnox see Anderson, Daria D.
Anderson, Joseph J.KnoxW3010Anderson, Aurelia A.
Angel, James M.KnoxS1337136th Va. Inf.
Arnold, WilliamKnoxS74658th (Smith's) Cav.
Atkins, HenryKnoxS1226512th Bn. Cav.
Atkins, K. C.KnoxS1461963rd Va. Inf.
Atkins, Kennerly CarsonKnoxW9615Atkins, Annie
Badgett, B. F.KnoxS1551563rd Inf.
Bailey, A. J.KnoxS60554th Va. Inf.
Bailey, Jaines A.KnoxS132781st Va. Cav.
Baker, CalawayKnoxS15464th Inf.
Baker, Leon B.KnoxS76042nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Baker, Nathaniel J.KnoxS14924Unassigned(Railroad Worker)
Ballard, James H.KnoxS29333rd Conf. Engineer Troops.
Barker, Francis M.KnoxS11661Burrough's Co Art.
Barker, Henry W.KnoxS13041Thomas' Legion N.C.
Barnett, William R.KnoxS145445th Cav.
Barron, William P.KnoxS1046460th Inf.
Barton, WilliamKnoxS29422nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Bassett, James E.KnoxS1223964th N.C. Inf.
Beard, Richard A.KnoxW10817Beard, Eugenia Montague
Bellamy, T. J.KnoxS152854th Ga. Inf.
Berry, ThomasKnoxW2804Berry, Martha Jane
Betterson, John NathanKnoxW2223Betterton, Zephana
Biggs, James A.KnoxS1049731st Inf.
Biggs, James AlexanderKnoxW4441Biggs, Augusta E.
Bittle, Robert F.KnoxW4830Bittle, Mollie E.
Black, AlexanderKnoxS335116th Ga. Inf.
Blevins, John J.KnoxW2620Blevins, Taritha Jane
Bolli, Emanuel.KnoxW2172Bolli, Mary
Bomar, G. H.KnoxW2466Bomar, Martha Virginia
Bowers, William G.KnoxW898Bowers, Susan
Bowman, William B.KnoxS294361st Mtd. Inf.
Bowman, William B.KnoxW6959Bowman, Elzira Carolyn
Bozeman, Crawford WardKnoxW3365Bozeman, Elizabeth Jane
Brackin, ThomasKnoxS1580829th N.C. Inf.
Bradley, StephenKnoxS4658Thomas' Legion N.C.
Bradley, William W.KnoxS1393522nd N.C. Inf.
Brain, John C.KnoxS1058Confederate States Navy
Briscoe, James W.KnoxW5941Briscoe, Sarah E.
Brooks, Thomas F.KnoxS499 & S124616th N.C. Inf.
Brown, AbnerKnoxS1157650th Inf.
Brown, Jesse F.KnoxS944054th Va. Inf.
Brown, Jesse F.KnoxW6638Brown, Sarah Dorcas
Brown, John A.KnoxS568731st Inf.
Broyles, Andrew CoffeeKnoxS14571Unassigned (Nitre Bureau)
Broyles, E. A.KnoxS96165th Cav.
Broyles, Edwin A.KnoxW4392Broyles, Margaret A.
Broyles, H. S.KnoxS1465958th N.C. Inf.
Brunk, Michael EdwardKnoxW10319Brunk, Lessie
Buckley, Thomas A.KnoxS34271st (Carter's) Cav.
Buckwell, GeorgeKnoxW17Buckwell, Margaret Bell
Buffet, Augustus G.KnoxS1358837th Inf.
Buffett, A. G.KnoxW9251Buffett, Sarah Lamar
Burnett, George W.KnoxS12256Burrough's Co. Lt. Art.
Burnett, William.KnoxW5284Burnett, Cordelia A.
Burrows, Benjamin F.KnoxW2641Burrows, Matilda A.
Burton, Henry.KnoxW11135Burton, Eliza Ann.
Bussell, C. C. H.KnoxS145755th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Cable, L. H.KnoxW6148Cable, Mary Jane
Cameron, William L.KnoxS7922"Young Guards of
Memphis" & C.S.A. Navy
Camp, B. F.KnoxS149462nd S.C. Cav.
Campbell, A . J.KnoxW2511Campbell, Mary Lynch
Campbell, A. J.KnoxS361334th Inf.
Campbell, JoeKnoxS166671st Inf.
Cannon, A. H.KnoxS14514Brown's Co. Home Guards
Cannon, W. A.KnoxS1403759th Inf.
Cannon, W. A.KnoxW5574Cannon, Josephine Taylor
Cansler, Hugh LawsonKnoxC12243rd Inf.
Carnes, John MintonKnoxW9010Carnes, Anna Lord
Carrier, John M.KnoxS29474th (McLemore's) Cav.
Carter, John DavisKnoxW2016Carter, Virginia Anne
Case, John L.KnoxS101329th N.C. Inf. Cav.
Case, John L.KnoxW4942Case, Sarah Ann
Cashion, Newton G.KnoxS42228th (Smith's) Cav.
Cashion, Newton GillespieKnoxW121Cashion, Sarah Louisa
Clark, G. R.KnoxS142091st Va. Cav.
Clark, George RogersKnoxW9929Clark, Mary Elizabeth
Clark, WilliamKnoxS132692nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Clayton, William J.KnoxS111713rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Cleage, SamuelKnoxW2212Cleage, Hattie Ewing
Cloud, ThomasKnoxS1758McClung's Co. Lt. Art.
Cloud, ThomasKnoxS200726th Inf.
Cloud, ThomasKnoxW4322Cloud, Mary
Cocke, J. W.KnoxS776960th N.C. Inf.
Cohen, MorrisKnoxS34281st Tex Cav.
Collins, Arthur C.KnoxW220Collins, Adaline D.
Collins, Thomas D.KnoxW648Collins, Malissa
Conn, JamesKnoxS1214259th Inf.
Connelly, JohnKnoxS201010th Inf.
Cooper, William JacobKnoxW4826Cooper, Jane Catharine
Cotton, JamesKnoxS111773rd Ga. Bn. Sharp Shooters
Cotton, JamesKnoxW7194Cotton, Amanda
Coward, ThomasKnoxS145483rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Coward, ThomasKnoxW6915Coward, Matilda
Cox, John B.KnoxS118663rd S.C. Cav.
Cox, John BartlettKnoxW2538Cox, Louise
Crane, WilliamKnoxW7681Crane, Viney
Crawford, C. Y.KnoxS44194th Va. Inf.
Crawford, Robert R.KnoxW6810Crawford, Mary M.
Crawford, Thomas EllisKnoxW3377Crawford, Sarah Hester
Crockett, O. P.KnoxW7242Crockett, Eliza
Crook, P. F.KnoxS769026th Inf.
Curton, Pleasant SmithKnoxW1636Curton, Eliza Jane
Dalton, James ThomasKnoxW3025Dalton, Elizabeth
Daniel, A. L.KnoxS574111th Inf.
Daniel, W. G.KnoxS138664th S.C. Inf.
Darby, J.GoodwynKnoxS141642nd S.C. Cav.
Davis, Charles W.KnoxS1110264th N.C. Inf.
Davis, Charles W.KnoxW6808Davis, Katie
Dawn, William HardwickKnoxW2694Dawn, Rachel Ann
Dawson, Elijah PedigoKnoxW6770Dawson, Mary Jane
Deaderick, InsleeKnoxS133582nd Cav.
Deaderick, OakleyKnoxS114272nd Cav.
Deaderick, OakleyKnoxW8176Deaderick, Maggie
Dean, Thomas JeffersonKnoxW5781Dean, Mariah Virginia
Delozier, T. L.KnoxS36023rd Inf.
Dick, JacksonKnoxW7107Dick, Mary L.
Dillon, HarveyKnoxW5811Dillon, Ellen R.
Doak, Joe A.KnoxW4802Doak, Sue J.
Doll, Richard McSherryKnoxW2439Doll, Bettie Hunter
Donahoe, R. F.KnoxS102143rd Inf.
Donehue, Barry L.KnoxW7910Donehue, Mary E.
Drinnen, ThomasKnoxW2362Drinnen, MaryJane
Driskill, O. B.KnoxS844312th Cav.
Drummond, John H.KnoxS63282nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Duncan, J. H.KnoxW7786Duncan, Elizabeth
Duncan, J. M.KnoxS59752nd Regt. Engineer Troops
Duncan, James M.KnoxW7785Duncan, Belle
Duncan, Robert G.KnoxW2777Duncan, Mary Elizabeth
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
East, J. D.KnoxS1239110th Va. Inf.
East, James DickersonKnoxW5276East, Lelia Lee
Elliott, H. C.KnoxW3613Elliott, Altha S.
Elliott, Hiram C.KnoxS467211th N.C. Inf.
Elliott, William PowellKnoxW655Elliott, Isabella Petrikin
Ellis, JohnKnoxW2093Ellis, Martha
Ervin, J. C.KnoxS120533rd S.C. Inf.
Estes, Christopher TompkinsKnoxW6077Estes, Sara Anderson
Evett, NathanKnoxS175623rd Ga. Inf.
Evett, NathanKnoxW2288Evett, .Sarah M.
Ezell, LafayetteKnoxS439220th Inf.
Farley, W. V. B.KnoxS241125th N.C. Inf.
Farmer, JamesKnoxS858263rd Inf.
Ferrell, James P.KnoxW2035Ferrell, Elizabeth
Findley, Thomas JeffersonKnoxW11102Avant, Belle (Findley)
Fitzpatrick, T. M.KnoxS1037329th Inf.
Floyd, WilliamKnoxS1362816th Bn. (Neal's) Cav.
Forrest, IsaacKnoxS3977Humald's Battery Art.
Forrest, Jacob T.KnoxS335437th Va. Inf.
Forrest, Orren PerryKnoxW8220Forrest, Cordelia Ann
Fortenberry, E. C.KnoxW4790Fortenberry, Margaret I.
Fortenbury, E. C.KnoxS98522nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Fountaine, W. D.KnoxS878413th Ga. Inf.
Fox, StephenKnoxS574226th Inf.
Frazier, J. B.KnoxS1237618th Inf.
Freeland, J. P.KnoxS576960th Inf.
Furry, William J.KnoxS5503Crews' Battery Va. Art.
Gallaher, George H.KnoxW4895Gallaher, Sarah
Gallaher, HughKnoxS142348th Va. Inf.
Gallaher, Thomas J.KnoxS1486326th Inf.
Gallaher, Thomas JeffersonKnoxW7614Gallaher, Harriet Adelia
Gammon, George A.KnoxS1377863rd Inf.
Gammon, George AlexanderKnoxW5903Gammon, Margaret Hale
Gardner, James H.KnoxS1447821st Va. Cav.
Gardner, Joe E.KnoxW10787Gardner, Martha Cate
Garrison, William WinderKnoxW3868Garrison, Mattie Elizabeth
Gates, JohnKnoxW1865Gates, Frances T.
Gillenwater, James J.KnoxS113916th Ga. Cav.
Gillespie, JamesKnoxS82908th Cav.
Gillespie, M. H.KnoxS781211th Cav.
Gillespie, M. H.KnoxW7415Gillespie, Nancy J.
Glover, B. F.KnoxS12280Home Guards
Goans, F. W.KnoxS34938th (Smith's) Cav.
Gooch, B. L.KnoxS1446210th Ky. Cav.
Gooch, Bartlett L.KnoxW6754Gooch, Gillie P.
Goodlin, Napoleon AlexanderKnoxW9186Goodlin, Mary
Goodman, Solomon P.KnoxW1314Goodman, L.M.
Goolsby, William EdwardKnoxS534621st N.C. Inf.
Gowan, Richard W.KnoxS1056442nd N.C. Troops
Gray, Francis MarionKnoxW8223Gray, Lucy Ellen
Gredig, AbrahamKnoxW7925Gredig, Frances Marion
Gredig, AbramKnoxS13241Kain's Battery Lt. Art.
Green, JohnKnoxS49821st N.C. Cav.
Green, John.KnoxW4253Green, Lucy J.
Green, Martin V.KnoxS36463rd Inf.
Green, W. H.KnoxS295660th Inf.
Greener, Addison WesleyKnoxW3719Greener, Martha C.
Griffin, RufusKnoxS492431st Inf.
Grills, R. S.KnoxS29778th (Smith's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Hackworth, Elijah A.KnoxS1365111th Va. Inf.
Hackworth, Elijah AlonzoKnoxW6319Hackworth, Fannie S.
Haddon, Thomas W.KnoxS32356th N.C. Cav.
Haley, Wellington M.KnoxW8642Haley, Elizabeth
Hambree, JasperKnoxW1546Hambree, Nerva
Hammond, Caswell ThomasKnoxW7599Hammond, Cynthia C.
Hansel, JamesKnoxS612461st Inf.
Harbsook, George
KnoxW3101Harbsook, Mary Luvinia
Hargrove, D. J.KnoxS127783rd N.C. Inf.
Hargrove, David JamesKnoxW7067Hargrove, Sarah Ellen
Haveley, Jacob M. KnoxS72033rd Confederate
Engineer Troops
Havely, Jacob M.KnoxW943Havely, Malinda
Havely, JamesKnoxS885419th Inf.
Hayes, John S.KnoxS29593rd Inf.
Hayes, W. J.KnoxS1190716th N.C. Inf.
Hays, James L.KnoxW10751Hays, Josey
Hays, N. B.KnoxS104783rd Confederate
Engineer Troops
Heins, GaudensKnoxW6765Heins, Dorathea
Heins, GordensKnoxS744832nd Ala. Inf.
Heins, JacobKnoxS74891st (Field's) Inf.
Heins, JacobKnoxW3271Heins, Lena Matilds
Helton, J. M.KnoxW2602Helton, Harriet
Helton, James M.KnoxS150892nd Mo. Cav.
Hembru, Jasper M.KnoxS192661st Inf.
Henderson, H. G.KnoxS1551327th Va. Cav.
Henderson, JohnKnoxW7672Henderson, Mary
Henderson, John JamesKnoxW21Henderson, Emma D.
Hendrix, LutherKnoxS212726th Inf.
Henry, William JasperKnoxW553Henry, Eliza Smith
Hessee, EdwardKnoxW4947Hessee, Elizabeth L.
Hickey, John C.KnoxS37701st Art.
Hickey, W. N.KnoxS162631st Inf.
Hillard, F. R.KnoxS11553Martin's Co., Post Guard
Hilton, JamesKnoxS383919th Inf.
Hodges, CallowayKnoxW5001Hodges, Mary Ann
Hodges, CalowayKnoxS452029th Inf.
Hole, W. J.KnoxS16573Unassigned
(Guarded prisoners)
Hole, W. J.KnoxW11092Hole, Nettie
Hope, John W.KnoxW7337Hope, Rachel Jane
Horne, WilliamKnoxW2298Horne, Matilda
Houser, John T. KnoxS362515th N.C. Cav.
Howard, Asa O.KnoxW2255Howard, Esther B.
Howell, John HavenKnoxW957Howell, Margaret A.
Howell, Newton CannonKnoxS442131st Inf.
Hucks, AndyKnoxS145229th Inf.
Huffmeister, Josephill M.KnoxS616160th Inf.
Hulin, MatthewKnoxS1971Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
Humes, Thomas W.KnoxS137161st Miss. Inf.
Humes, Thomas WilliamKnoxW7866Humes, Mary Catherine
Humphrey, NoahKnoxS15707Home Guards, Ga.
Hunter, Peter L.KnoxW2587Hunter, Elizabeth A.
Hutchens, T. Jeff.KnoxS361912th Cav.
Ingle, JamesKnoxS1070320th Inf.
Inklebarger, Chesley J.KnoxS46512nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Irick, LawrenceKnoxS74802nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Irick, LawrenceKnoxW6012Irick, Susan
Jackson, AndrewKnoxW3887Jackson, Amy Ann
Jarnigan, DavidKnoxC3116th Cav.
Johnson, G. W.KnoxS1421063rd Inf.
Johnson, George FloydKnoxC201Undetermined
Johnson, JohnKnoxS1155Undetermined
Johnson, N. B.KnoxS233463rd Inf.
Johnson, R. E.KnoxS11728Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Jones, Ben J. KnoxC1063rd Inf.
Jones, RepsKnoxW8172Jones, Mary Pate
Jones, RichardKnoxS233312th Cav.
Jones, StephenKnoxS141850th Va. Inf.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Keaton, Calvin S.KnoxS268053rd N.C. Inf.
Keeton, Calvin S.KnoxW2890Keeton, Sarah E.
Keister, Henley CrocketKnoxW10691Keister, Sarah Angeline
Keller, John H.KnoxS8737Walker's Bn., Thomas'
Legion, N.C.
Keller, William S.KnoxS117361st Cav.
Keller, Williarn SwanKnoxW7203Keller, Matilda Elizabeth
Kelley, Charles O.KnoxS27632nd Va. Cav.
Kelley, Charles O.KnoxW2621Kelley, Susan V.
Kelley, S. H.KnoxS344642nd Inf.
Kelley, W. H.KnoxS1100642nd Inf.
Kelly, AlexanderKnoxW714Kelly, Rebecca Jones
Kennedy, John M.KnoxS160742nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Ketchen, JamesKnoxS12253Kain's Co., Lt. Art.
Kirby, LeviKnoxS110963rd Inf.
Kirby, LeviKnoxS150726th Inf.
Kirby, LeviKnoxW1231Kirby, Adeline
Kirby, M. R.KnoxS1523872nd N.C. Inf. Reserves
Kirk, William ReedKnoxW10748Kirk, Betty
Kitchens, Zephinia L. ButlerKnoxW5959Kitchens, Martha Ann
Knott, J. C.KnoxS534852nd N.C. Inf.
Kyle, James GideonKnoxW2381Kyle, Martha
Kyle, William SterlingKnoxW9148Kyle, Delia Carter
Lamb, P. J.KnoxS45565th (McKenzie's) Cav.
Lambright, George WilliamKnoxW2879Lambright, Anna H.
Land, James J.KnoxW5668Land, Birdie J.
Lawrence, William WallaceKnoxW3908Lawrence, Ella
Aueen Richardson
Lawson, J. B.KnoxS87851st Cav.
Lee, A. Y.KnoxS67626thInf.
Lee, James C.KnoxS197963rd Inf.
Lee, W. J.KnoxS1265163rd Inf.
Leeper, HamibalKnoxS939629th Inf.
Legg, James AlexanderKnoxW3314Legg, Mary Elizabeth
Leith, William HenryKnoxW7230Leith, Josephine Watkins
Lemons, W. V.KnoxS86441st Cav.
Leonard, MartainKnoxS502063rd Va. Inf.
Lester, JohnKnoxS1484537th Va. Inf.
Lewellyn, Charles HowardKnoxW4093Lewellyn, Sarah Elizabeth
Lillard, Calvin.KnoxW6279Lillard, Letitia Penelope
Little, William GrayKnoxW8728Little, Mary R.
Lones, JasperKnoxS4536Burrough's Co., Art.
Lones, JasperKnoxW4062Lones, Mary
Louas, William B.KnoxS1647512th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Love, William AlvaKnoxW3498Love, Louisa J.
Lovelace, D. W.KnoxS36841st Inf.
Luther, William A.KnoxS891911th N.C. Troops
Luttrell, Louis M.KnoxS19721st (Carter's) Cav.
Lyons, Edward FarrellKnoxW3199Lyons, Albertine
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Maiden, William H.KnoxS1405348th Va. Inf.
Main, Henry KinnamonKnoxW9832Main, Alice Eulalia
Margrove, W. P.KnoxS12055Lynch's Co., Lt. Art.
Markham, JohnKnoxS804027th Va. Cav.
Marr, B. F.KnoxS144976th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Marshall, William E.KnoxS335712th Cav.
Marshall, William E.KnoxW1391Marshall, Lavinia Lee
Matthews, G. H.KnoxS1028527th Va. Cav.
Matthews, Glover HarrisonKnoxW6303Matthews, Cynthia C.
Maxey, H. L.KnoxS6826Ramsey's Battery Art.
Mayo, Roderick PayneKnoxW5128Mayo, Agnes Francis
McAffney, John A.KnoxW4651McAffney, Jennie Loyd
McAffrey, John A.KnoxS17301st Ga. Regulars.
McCallum, James RogersKnoxW3008McCallum, Lourinda Hardin
McCrary, George W.KnoxS17515th Cav.
McDermott, Samuel AugustusKnoxW2068McDermott, Margaret Park
McDonough, J. S.KnoxS1134563rd Inf.
McDonough, James SevierKnoxW5968McDonough, Mary Lenoir
McFaul, Robert HenryKnoxS584531st Inf.
McGuin, N. C.KnoxS912813th N.C. Inf.
McKeehan, AlexanderKnoxW3351McKeehan, Mary C.
McKeehan, William W.KnoxS42521st (Carter's) Cav.
McKennon, James A.KnoxS989637th Va. Inf.
McKenzie, William AllenKnoxS153233rd Inf.
McKezie, W. A.KnoxS574733rd Inf.
McKinney, E. H.KnoxS479221st N.C. Inf.
McKinney, John LintunKnoxW3870McKinney, Fannie Lea
McKinney, SamuelKnoxW1211McKinney, Eliza
McLean, T. L.KnoxS452259th Inf.
McMillan, WilliamKnoxC21077th Va. Cav.
McNutt, George AndersonKnoxW7963McNutt, Fannie V.
McNutt, George ArchisonKnoxS8444Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
McPherson, Richard FranklinKnoxW1159McPherson, Nancy Jane
McReynolds, RobertKnoxS4627Undetermined
Meek, WilliamKnoxS923331st Inf.
Meek, WilliamKnoxW3217Meek, Mary Ann
Mehaffey, John KnoxKnoxW1438Mehaffey, Susan W.
Meredith, David CrockettKnoxW6218Meredith, Mary S.
Meridith, David CrockettKnoxS14202Unassigned (Wagon Guard)
Messamore, George D.KnoxW6300Messamore, Drucilla E.
Metts, Ransom D.KnoxW4867Metts, Elzira F.
Middleton, James WesleyKnoxS748216th N.C. Inf.
Miles, R. H.KnoxS419716th Cav.
Miller, DavidKnoxS1184264th Va. Inf.
Mills, W. B.KnoxS5142Kain's Battery Lt. Art.
Money, D. S.KnoxS595412th Ga. Inf.
Montgomery, John MarshallKnoxW3629Montgomery, Mary Jane
Moore, BaylessKnoxS657919th Inf.
Moore, Samuel D.KnoxW3818Moore, Sarah Adeline
Morgan, James L.KnoxS130172nd Ga. Bn.
Morgan, James La FayetteKnoxW5493Morgan, Lucinda R.
Morrow, J. W.KnoxS11649Burrough's Co., Art.
Moses, Frank ArmstrongKnoxW7012Moses, Lizzie Mitchell
Moses, Samuel D.KnoxW4090Moses, Bettie O.
Moss, James ColumbusKnoxW2453Moss, Miriam Amelia
Mounger, JamesKnoxW5577Mounger, Rebecca R.Harris
Mynatt, Matt H.KnoxS11351Kain's Battery, Lt. Art.
Nail, James B.KnoxS1553Kain's Co., Lt. Art.
Naill, James BartleyKnoxW6694Naill, Sarah Taylor
Neal, J. F.KnoxS56072nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Neal, James FranklinKnoxW1404Neal, Sarah Jane
Neal, William Everett MahoneyKnoxW2125Neal, Phoebe Jane
Newlon, Bushrod JacksonKnoxW7859Newlon, Elizabeth Worsham
Newman, C. S.KnoxS1271060th Inf.
Newman, C. S.KnoxW4351Newman, Kate H.
Newman, Howard WalkerKnoxW1742Newman, Margaret Donaldson
Newman, John A.KnoxW3012Newman, Julia A.
Newman, Thomas W.KnoxS1027535th Inf.
Newton, PeterKnoxW3158Newton, Sarah
Nichalson, H. H.KnoxW2363Nichalson, Nancy Malinda
Nichols, William R.KnoxS63091st S.C. Hvy. Art.
Nimmo, David St. JohnKnoxW3521Nimmo, Vesta
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Oglesby, CalvinKnoxS1267331st Inf.
Oldham, W. J.KnoxS32743rd Cav.
O'Neal, A. Q.KnoxS122832nd Ky. Cav.
Owens, Nathan M.KnoxS105002nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Owings, William A.KnoxS882764th Ga. Inf.
Parsons, W. J.KnoxS1462464th Va. Inf.
Parsons, William JacksonKnoxW7620Parsons, Lydia Ann
Patterson, Robert F.KnoxW5944Patterson, Rachel W.
Patton, Benjamin F.KnoxS1102160th N.C. Inf.
Patton, Horace F.KnoxS1349459th Inf.
Patton, Horace F.KnoxW7410Patton, Nancy Amanda
Patty, J. W.KnoxS467331st Inf.
Patty, Timothy S.KnoxS106312nd Cav.
Pearson, ThomasKnoxS2701st & 11th N.C. Inf.
Pendleton, Albert GallatinKnoxW3739Pendleton, Missouri
Penland, L. D.KnoxS153857th Ark. Inf.
Perry, J. C.KnoxS716019th Inf.
Perry, W. R.KnoxW8909Perry, Mallie Elizabeth
Perry, W. T.KnoxS1352111th (Holman's) Cav.
Phillips, T. W.KnoxS1090310th Va. Inf.
Phillips, Thaddaeus
KnoxW4483Phillips, Virginia W.
Phipps, JamesKnoxS613461st Inf.
Pickel, George H.KnoxW4957Pickel, Sarah J.
Pierce, H. C.KnoxW3457Pierce, Charlotte M.
Plant, Robert VestalKnoxW10192Plant, Mary Gredig
Pless, James AllisonKnoxW2410Pless, Martha Harriet
Plumadore, Joseph
KnoxW3452Plumadore, Eva
Plumlee, J. P.KnoxS8445Kain's Co., Lt. Art.
Plumlee, J. PerryKnoxW6933Plumlee, Sarah A.
Plumlee, James N.KnoxS5760Kain's Co., Lt. Art.
Plumlee, JosephKnoxW119Plumlee, Amelia
Plumlee, W. H.KnoxS1752Kain's Co. Lt. Art.
Plumlee, William HenryKnoxW82Plumlee, Caroline C.
Pope, John R.KnoxS736559th Inf.
Powers, John T.KnoxS1056534th Bn. Va. Cav.
Presley, Tally B.KnoxW2988Presley, Sallie
Presnell, IsaacKnoxS143633rd Regt.
Confed. Engineers
Propes, WilliamKnoxW7949Propes, Mary Ann
Pryor, JohnKnoxS522861st Inf.
Qualls, G. M.KnoxS299237th Inf.
Qualls, George MonrowKnoxW4851Qualls, Sarah M.
Queener, Thomas W.KnoxW1348Queener, Margaret
Ray, James H.KnoxS14534Unassigned (Camp
of Instruction)
Ray, James R.KnoxS2130Burrough's Co.,
Lt. Art.
Reed, BrownlowKnoxS357217th Inf.
Reed, JamesKnoxS2716Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Renfro, James CoxKnoxW9693Renfro, Laura Swaggerty
Reynolds, George S.KnoxS561928th Va. Inf.
Rice, J. M.KnoxS1029129th Inf.
Rice, RichardKnoxC13829th Inf.
Richards, W. H.KnoxS166478th Va. Inf.
Richardson, John
KnoxW4329Richardson, Sarah Augusta
Riffey, DavidKnoxS640125th Va. Inf.
Ristine, Charles E.KnoxS16040Ramsey's Battery,
Lt. Art.
Robbins, John S.KnoxS1512020th N.C. Inf.
Roberts, L. F.KnoxS301125th Inf.
Roberts, Lizard F.KnoxW1126Roberts, Elizabeth
Rogers, E. S.KnoxS1238125th Inf.
Rogers, Elbert SevierKnoxW8408Rogers, Bettie Ann
Ropp, William H.KnoxW8461 &
Ropp, Ann Catherine
Rucker, John C.KnoxS821028th Va. Inf.
Russell, Ed R.KnoxS3780McClung's Co., Lt. Art.
Russell, Samuel ColumbusKnoxW9808Russell, Mary Jane
Rutherford, J. J.KnoxS777163rd Inf.
Rutledge, Samuel C.KnoxS1077212th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Rutledge, Samuel CrawfordKnoxW6768Rutledge, Mary Matilda
Ryan, H. W.KnoxS105941st Lt. Art.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Sanders, James P.KnoxS1412512th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Sanders, James PrestonKnoxW8026Sanders, Rhoda Ellen
Scott, Shadrack FranklinKnoxW4703Scott, Louisa
Scott, William P. M.KnoxS10886Wise's Legion, Va. Art.
Scott, William Poston MonroeKnoxW3711Scott, Asenath Wilder
Semones, Wilson F.KnoxS378124th Va. Inf.
Semones, Wilson F.KnoxW8126Semones, Mattie J
Senter, ZachariahKnoxS12117Burrough's Co., Lt. Art.
Sevier, George JonesKnoxW8239Sevier, Mary McClure
Sharp, A. A.KnoxS1410312th Bn. (Day's) Cav.
Sharp, Alfred AlexanderKnoxW6706Sharp, Emma Ella
Sheets, David C.KnoxW2378Sheets, Rachel L.
Shephard, Andrew J.KnoxS962551st Va. Inf.
Shephard, Andrew JacksonKnoxW7183Shephard, Amanda
Shepperd, William BirdKnoxW2489Shepperd, Margaret Melvina
Shipley, JohnKnoxW717Shipley, Alice A.
Shipman, John A.KnoxS89041st Cav.
Shoemaker, EvinKnoxS906431st Inf.
Shoemaker, EvinKnoxW4368Shoemaker, Cynthia Jane
Shoemaker, Thomas R.KnoxS1278829th Inf.
Silvers, R. D.KnoxS1009354th Va. Inf.
Silvers, Rice DanielKnoxW2232Silvers, Narcissa
Sims, R. J.KnoxS1498029th Bn., Ga. Cav.
Sims, Ryan J.KnoxW9867Sims, Georgia
Sizemore, William O.KnoxW3261Sizemore, Louisannah
Smart, HenryKnoxS789051st Va. Inf.
Smith, Charles HarryKnoxW10939Smith, Martha Marietta
Smith, JamesKnoxS1355827th Bn., Va. Inf.
Smith, John M.KnoxS136322nd (Ashby's) Cav.
Smith, John Martin.KnoxW9651Smith, Myra Elizabeth
Smith, WilliamKnoxS85431st Cav.
Smith, William HarrisonKnoxW5932Smith, Rachel Elizabeth
Snoddy, T. E.KnoxS1451661st Inf.
Sparks, James W.KnoxS17737th Va. Inf.
Sparks, James W.KnoxW9602Sparks, Sarah L.
Sparks, William J.KnoxS1705 & S19701st Cav.
Spears, Christopher ColumbusKnoxW2756Spears, Sideria Mann (Dee)
Sprinkle, CrabtreeKnoxW10998Sprinkle, Nancy Caroline
Staffel, JordanKnoxS878719th Inf.
Staley, J. D.KnoxS799262nd Inf.
Stanfield, J. W.KnoxS1234960th Mtd.Inf.
Stanfield, Jesse W.KnoxW5706Stanfield, Lucy
Statey, William S.KnoxS15790King's Battery, Va.Lt.Art.
Steadman, JoshuaKnoxS256316th N.C.Inf.
Steadman, JoshuaKnoxW3305Steadman, Catharine
Stelcup, Charles T.KnoxS10746Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Stephens, William HenryKnoxW9732Stephens, Thula Jane
Stephenson, James K.KnoxS58019th Inf.
Sterchi, Francis P.KnoxS49341st (Carter's) Cav.
Stevens, George W.KnoxS336031st Inf.
Stewart, Isaac D.KnoxS869917th Inf.
Stewart, Isaac DanielKnoxW7094Stewart, Nancy Holmes
Stiles, James C.KnoxW10929Stiles, Martha M.
Stillwell, Edward LeeKnoxW4459Stillwell, Jane E.
Stipe, RichardKnoxS17629th Inf.
Stipe, Richard.KnoxW10708Stipe, Susan Parlee
Stoffell, Zachariah J.KnoxW9886Stoffell, Sarah
Stolsworth, ThomasKnoxW3587Stolsworth, Hannah
Story, Josiah EugeneKnoxW2647Story, Katherine Cross
Strickler, D. S.KnoxS156692nd Va. Reserves.
Summers, William N.KnoxS916713th N.C. Inf.
Swan, Samuel EpaminondasKnoxW5215Swan, Mary Ellen
Swatts, Jacob.KnoxW2807Swatts, Sarah E.
Taliferro, William H.KnoxW2503Taliaferro, Martha
Tankersley, John A.KnoxS115162nd Inf.
Thomas, CalowayKnoxW2055Thomas, Phebe Caroline
Thomas, G. W.KnoxS25413rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Thomas, LeanderKnoxS29341st S.C. Rifles.
Thomas, Thomas JeffersonKnoxW5080Thomas, Belle McMillan
Thompson, Joseph F.KnoxS1451219th Inf.
Thompson, Robert H.KnoxS197348th Va. Inf.
Thompson, William C.KnoxS1284839th N.C. Inf.
Towry, WilliamKnoxS1115637th lnf.
Travis, William H.KnoxS442931st Inf.
Trent, Joseph D.KnoxW6003Trent, Mary J.
Trout, Archibald W.KnoxS718054th Va. Inf.
Tucker, Robert B.KnoxS7253McClung's Co., Lt. Art.
Turbyville, James A.KnoxS42881st Bn. (Colm's) Inf.
Turner, William P.KnoxS32461st (Carter's) Cav.
Soldier Name County Pension # Unit or Widow
Vance, JamesKnoxS129403rd (Lillard's) Mtd. Inf.
Vance, JamesKnoxW7940Vance, Martha
Vandergnift, James RobertKnoxW4442Vandergnift, Margaret A.C.M.
Vaughn, I. L.KnoxS1029260th Inf.
Waldron, IsaacKnoxS1197842nd Va. Inf.
Walker, Archie L.KnoxS296863rd Inf.
Wallace, Benjamin F.KnoxS152531st Inf.
Waller, Henry AllenKnoxW3563Waller, Sophronia Edeline
Waller, John PolkKnoxW7862Waller, Sarah
Warrick, William Henry HarrisonKnoxW10275Warrick, Nancy Ellen
Warwick, John W.KnoxS1386726th S.C. Inf.
Warwick, John WesleyKnoxW7165Warwick, Margaret Elizabeth
Watkins, Samuel A.KnoxS1638317th Va. Inf.
Weaver, Andrew J.KnoxS255239th Ga. Inf.
Webb, Pleas C.KnoxS771343rd Inf.
Webb, W. H.KnoxS336114th N.C. Troops.
Webber, William R.KnoxS111032nd Ky. Cav.
Webber, William RaglandKnoxW8893Webber, Almira Cornelia
Welcker, Benjamin FranklinKnoxW2608Welcker, Hester A.
Wheeler, W. C.KnoxW1342Wheeler, Catharine A.
Wilkins, IsaacKnoxS38731st Northern Va.
Engineer Corps.
Williams, J. M.KnoxS357329th Inf.
Williams, James W.KnoxW3034Williams, Susan Mildred
Williams, Samuel JacksonKnoxW3181Williams, Sarah J.
Williams, W. S.KnoxW10307Williams, Laura Gillikin
Williamson, T. T.KnoxS30886th S.C. Inf.
Wilson, Christopher JenkinsKnoxW3752Wilson, Ruth Berrien
Winstead, W. D.KnoxW3796Winstead, Bridget A.
Winstead, William D.KnoxS18016th N.C.
Woods, J. F.KnoxS1011352nd Ga. Inf.
Woodward, Charles B.KnoxS1033652nd Ga. Inf.
Woody, W. M.KnoxS777260th N.C. Inf.
Woody, William MarionKnoxW7208Woody, Nancy Jane
Wright, JamesKnoxW7616Wright, Malinda
Wright, L. B.KnoxS77146th Inf.
Wright, Sparrell B.KnoxS637711th Va. Inf.
Wyrick, James HarveyKnoxW8799Wyrick, Nannie Emiline
Wyrick, PhillipKnoxS8134 & S149281st (Carter's) Cav.
Yeatman, William EugeneKnoxS129422nd (Robison's) Inf.
Yeatman, William EugeneKnoxW6673Yeatman, Mollie Hill
Yoe, John WilliamKnoxW2073Yoe, Ann Eliza
Young, John LamertineKnoxW9881Young, Julia Jane
Youngblood, Charles F.KnoxS1974Humald's Battery, Art.
Youngblood, Charles F.KnoxW1335Youngblood, Sarah Ann
Youngblood, William J.KnoxS79521st Ga. Regulars


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