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Acts of Tennessee, 1796-1850 > Q


Last Name First Name Year Serial Chapter
& Section
QuallsRobert184347106.1Hamilton County - authorized to open turnpike road
QuarlesAnn183339 Private206Jackson County - An act for her relief.
QuarlesJ. T.18434794.1Jackson County - Jackson Seminary trustee
QuarlesJames T.1832362.1Jackson County - Union Bank of TN
QuarlesSamuel183237 Private4.1Smith County - Reimbursed $50 by Treasurer of West TN
QuarlesSamuel A.183135 Private194.1Smith County - payment refunded
QuarlesWilliam1817218Deceased--White County
QuarlesWilliam182933 Private240.3Land grant to be issued
QuarlsRobert18495082.3Rhea County - mentioned in Hamilton County boundary change
QuarlsWilliam182933 Private116.1Land grant issued
QueenerDaniel182732 Private245.3Campbell County - turnpike commissioner
QueenerDaniel183135 Private218.1Campbell County - previous act repealed
QuesenburyWilliam M.181923106.1Winchester Masonic Hall lottery superintendant
QuesenburyWilliam Minor18031074.3Wilson County commissioner
QuestenberryWilliam18111710.1Ran a line from TN to Duck River
QuesterberryWilliam M.18091518.1Ran boundary according to Cherokee agreement
QuigleyThomas18495076.2Nashville and Louisville Railroad Company incorporated
QuinerJacob Jr.183743250.6Campbell County - Kingston and Jacksborough Turnpike Company
QuinerJohn183743250.6Campbell County - Kingston and Jacksborough Turnpike Company
QuisenberryWilliam M.182328228.1Surveyor - Winchester
QuisenberryWm.182530188.2To mark Franklin County boundary
QuittJames183339 Private276.1Blount County


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