Tennessee Digital Map Collection
1831 Map of Tennessee Click Image To View

1831 Map of Tennessee
TSLA # 368

showing county boundaries of Tennessee

Virginia Maryland and Carolina (1759) Click Image To View

Virginia Maryland and Carolina (1759) TSLA #361

showing areas of early English settlements around the Cheasapeake, rivers, forts, and locations of native tribes.

Map of British Plantations (1754) Click Image To View

A Map of British Plantations (1754)
TSLA # 2437

showing the interior and native settlements, incl. the Tanasee town of the Cherokee, for which the river and state were probably named

Daniel Smith Map of Tennessee Government (1796) Click Image To View

Daniel Smith Map of Tennessee Government (1796)
TSLA #1862

promotional map of the early TN country by the state's first Secretary of State

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