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Information On:
The Tennessee Library Card

A Statewide Borrower's Program


 The Tennessee Library Card ( TLC ) is a program to allow walk-in library users to check out materials free of charge from any participating public library in Tennessee .


1. Library participation in the Tennessee Library Card program is voluntary.

2. Library cards with TLC stickers from any participating Tennessee library will be honored by any other participating library. People with library cards from libraries not participating in TLC will not be allowed to borrow from other libraries under this program.

3. Libraries which choose to participate in the program will extend to Tennessee Library Card borrowers the same lending privileges that are available to their local clientele. TLC borrowers will not be charged a non-resident fee when borrowing from a participating TLC library.

4. Libraries which choose to participate may place restrictions on the number and/or type of materials loaned to TLC borrowers (e.g. video tapes, etc.), although this is not encouraged.

5. TLC borrowers will be subject to the rules of the lending library and will be treated as any other local borrower would be in terms of overdue fines, lost charges, etc.

6. TLC borrowers will be expected to return materials borrowed to the lending library.

7. Home libraries will assist lending libraries to retrieve overdue materials or collect fines by providing the current address and phone number of the delinquent library borrower.

8. If lost materials become a significant problem for participating libraries, their regional library will assist with replacement materials. Each regional library will establish its own policies for this assistance.


1. Libraries choosing to participate in the program will complete a Tennessee Library Card Program Participation Form and send it to the State Library and Archives.

2. Participating libraries will receive a poster describing the program, a list of participating libraries, a master for a flyer about the program, and TLC stickers to be placed on their borrowers' library cards. These supplies will be provided by their regional library. The regional library will provide additional supplies, as needed.

3. Participating libraries will put TLC stickers on their borrowers' library cards as they are used and give each borrower a flyer about the program. To participate in the program, a library must use library cards.

4. Each participating library will post a sign indicating it is a TLC library.

5. Participating libraries will honor all cards from other participating libraries with a TLC sticker. Participating libraries should ask the TLC borrower to complete a User Registration Form to ensure that the lending libraries have the information they need in the event the borrower is late in returning the materials borrowed.

6. Participating libraries will maintain statistics on the number of TLC borrowers and the number of items they check out. These statistics will be reported annually.