2017-2018 Full Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide

Quota Hunts

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency realizes that in some areas of Tennessee, the number of hunters needs to be restricted so as not to cause a major impact on the resource. In these areas, the Agency utilizes a quota hunt system.Antlered White tail deer

The quota hunt system randomly selects a specified number of hunters from a pool of applicants. Applications are processed through the Online License Center on the Internet and through any TWRA license agent.

Tennessee has a priority point system in place for several of its quota hunts. An applicant is awarded one point for each year he/she applies and is unsuccessful up to the maximum for that particular hunt.

Each point system is unique and separate for the different quota hunts.

With the new REAL system, you can log into the quota hunt module to apply for a quota hunt. You will also be able to edit a quota hunt application that you have submitted up until the deadline for that hunt. You will be able to see members that are in your quota hunt party. You will also be able to see the results of your quota hunt drawing as soon as we finish the drawing validation process and release the results to the public. ALL from your customer account, which you can access at the following:



2017 WMA Big Game

The application period for the 2017 WMA Big Game Quota & Elk hunts will be available from June 14, 2017 until midnight July 26, 2017.

You can view the instruction sheet to find out what hunts are available this year.

The application period for Tennessee’s 2017 elk hunt will be June 14 - July 26. This year’s application period, which also includes the youth hunt application period, will again be held concurrently with the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and WMA Youth quota period.

Customers who are interested in applying for both the WMA quota hunt and elk quota hunt will have to submit two applications, one for each. The computer drawings will be handled separately. Quota Hunt applications can be conveniently submitted via Internet, TWRA Licensed Agent locations, or TWRA Regional Offices, via the TWRA Mobile App. Applications cannot be accepted by mail.

The deadline is midnight (CDT) on July 26.


2017 Computerized Waterfowl Blind Drawings

The application period for the 2017 Computerized Waterfowl Drawings begins on September 6, 2017 and ends at midnight September 27, 2017.

The WMA Waterfowl Hunts are for certain areas located in Regions 1 and 3. 


An interactive map of the waterfowl blind sites can be found at Waterfowl Blind Site Map and there are more map links below.

See also: Bogota/Thorny Cypress Pools | Chickamauga BlindsGooch Unit E PDFMeeman-Shelby Forest State Park PDFWhite Oak (Lebanon Pond area) PDF


2017 Spring Turkey Drawings

The application period for the 2017 Spring Turkey Quota hunts was held from December 14th through midnight January 18, 2017.




What exactly is a quota hunt?
TWRA realizes that on some WMAs, the number of animals harvested must be restricted so there will not be a major impact on the wildlife. In these areas, the agency uses a quota hunt system. Wildlife biologists determine how many animals need to be harvested then determine how many permits need to be issued in order to reach their harvest goals. The permits are then allocated and the end result is a quota hunt.

What types of quota hunts are there?
Quota hunts are drawn hunts and these are for specific hunts on WMAs during the fall and spring big game hunting seasons. Hunters apply for individual hunts, and then a computer randomly selects hunters until all the permits are allocated. More information about the WMA drawn hunts is found in the 2017-18 Hunting & Trapping Guide.

How do I apply for a quota hunt? 
All applications are electronically processed through the Online License Center or through any TWRA license agent. No mail-in applications are accepted.

What is “priority”?
Tennessee has a priority point system in place for several of its WMA quota hunts. An applicant is awarded one point for each year he/she applies and is not drawn for that quota drawing, i.e., WMA Big Game, Spring Turkey WMA, etc. Applicants with the highest priority are always drawn first.

In order to be drawn with priority, applicants must apply either alone or in a party in which all applicants have the same priority status. If a party includes a member with a different priority, that party (and all its members) will be drawn at the lowest priority of the application.

Each applicant’s priority is individual; it is only in the drawing that an applicant’s party priority is considered. When a party is unsuccessful, each applicant’s actual current priority status will increase by one point up to the maximum.

Each point system is unique and separate for the different quota drawings. When a person is drawn for a quota hunt his/her priority points will be reset to “0” the following year.

Spring Turkey WMA: Maximum of five (5) priority points.
WMA Big Game: No limit. Currently the maximum number of priority points any hunter will have going into the 2017 WMA drawing will be twelve (12).
Elk hunts: no priority. An applicant successfully drawn may not reapply for 10 years.
Youth WMA Big Game: Maximum of two (2) priority points.
WMA Waterfowl: No limit. Currently the maximum number of priority points any hunter will have going into the 2017 waterfowl drawing will be four (4).

How much does it cost to apply?
Unless you are a Sportsman (Type 004), Lifetime License holder, or senior possessing a Type 167, the cost is $12.00 non-refundable for each permit applied for. Example: The “Maximum Awarded Permits” for WMA Big Game is two, meaning two drawings are held for the same pool of applicants. You may choose to enter one drawing, you will only be eligible for one permit and the cost will be $12.00, plus any applicable fees. If you enter both drawings, you will be eligible for two permits and the cost will be $24.00, plus any fees. You must choose the number of drawings, party information and hunt choices on one application. Please see the instruction sheet for the hunt you are interested in for additional information.

Any questions regarding Quota Hunts, please call (615) 781-6621.