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Red Foxes In Tennessee

Red Fox Facts:Red Fox

Primarily nocturnal.

Prefer a mixture of forest and open country, frequently hunts the edges of these open habitats.

Average of 4-9 pups are born.

Learn to hunt at three months.

During breeding season (January and February) foxes can be heard barking at night announcing their presence.

Den in abandoned groundhog burrows, hollow log or rock crevice.

The mother and father both supply solid food to the pups until they are weaned.

Are susceptible to fleas, ticks, worms and red foxes are particularly at risk to sarcoptic mange.

Distemper and rabies strike fox populations.

Physical Characteristics of Red Foxes

  • Average weight 7.5-15 lbs.
  • The white tip on the tail distinguishes the red fox from the gray fox.
  • Has moderately long legs that are typically black.
  • Its coat is a light orange red and can have a silver or black tint.

Red Fox Eating Habits

Red foxes eat rabbits, rodents, reptiles, insects, berries and fruit.