Temporary/ Seasonal Layoffs

All Individuals Must File for Unemployment Insurance

Those laid-off temporarily or seasonally are now required to file for Unemployment Insurance.  After careful review, employer-filed claims were identified as high-risk factors for overpayment. Eliminating such risks, individuals are now required to file their claim on Jobs4TN.  Temporary Layoffs are defined as those that are "job-attached."  This means you have a return to work date within 16 weeks from filing your unemployment claim or are a member of a hiring union.  These unemployment claimants are not required to look for work.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits

  • 1. Recover Your Account

    Utilize the "Forgot Username/Password" or "Not Registered Yet" options on Jobs4TN!


    2. File a Claim

    From your dashboard, choose the "Unemployment Services" menu from the left-side navigation. Then click "File a Claim."


    3. Certify for Weekly Payment

    Log into your Jobs4TN account each week to certify, answering a few certification questions regarding the past week's earnings.

  • 4. Expect two letters

    The first explains your potential benefit amount. The second tells you the agency's decision.


    5. Receive Payment

    Answering your weekly certification questions accurately assists in the timely payment of approved claims.


    6. Repeat Step 3

    To ensure you receive payment each week, complete your weekly certification.


Quick Guide for Temporary Layoffs

If your claim is approved, a payment will follow promptly for each week you have certified.  Any additional questions may be addressed by a help desk agent.